36 - The Royal Canadian Legion

The Royal Canadian Legion
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Our mission
Our mission is to serve veterans, which
includes serving military and RCMP
members and their families, to promote
remembrance and to serve our
communities and our country.
• Roots in the Great War Veterans
Association in 1926
• The coming together of many
Veterans groups established a
unified voice to deal with government
for the benefit of all Veterans
• Established at the “Unity
Conference” 25 November 1925 in
Winnipeg and incorporated by Act of
Parliament in 1926
Great War Veterans
Association - precursor to
the Legion
Until the last veteran goes to his resting place in the
bosom of mother earth, there will be problems
arising from war service. But the major work of the
GWVA in the future will be nation building.
- The Veteran, national publication of the GWVA, 1924
1926 Founding
Pillars Remain
• Veterans Care
• Care of CAF and RCMP serving
• The Perpetuation of Remembrance
• Serving our Country and
Legal Mandate
• Letters Patent (Charter) ~ 1926
• Act of Parliament ~ 1948
Through legislation, the Legion has access to
service health records and Departmental files
to provide comprehensive yet independent
representation. These services are provided to
Veterans, CAF personnel, RCMP and their
families at no cost and does not require Legion
Early Accomplishments –
Nation Building
• War Veterans Allowance Act ~ 1928
• Formation of the CBC ~ 1928
• Amend the Armistice Act to entrench November 11
as Remembrance Day ~ 1931
• Presentation to Rowell-Sirois Commission on Dominion
Provincial Relations – 1938
• Veterans Land Act ~ 1943
• Operation Fitness ~ 1946
• Canadian Olympic Training Plan ~ 1956
The Legion Today
• More than 300,000 members,
- 80% veterans and their families
• More than 1,400 Branches
• 10 Provincial Commands
• 3 International zones (U.S., Europe,
• Approx 4,000 full & part-time employees
• $58.8 million in wages
• $4.3 million in property taxes
• $375 million in fees, staff and facilities
• We receive no government funding for operations.
Current Programs
• $6.5 million support for local charities
• $222 million Seniors Housing
(over 7,000 units in 140 sites)
• Outreach & Visitation Initiative
• $500,000 National Track and
Field Championships
• Pilgrimage of Remembrance
• National literary and poster contest
Current Programs
• National Remembrance Day Ceremony and
ceremonies all across Canada
• Sponsor/support cadet corps (1,100 of 1,900
• Sponsor/support Scouts and Guides (690
• $2.7 million bursaries and scholarships
• $3.3 million for branch youth programs
• Troop support
Legion Sponsored Housing
Track and Field
• Developing Canada’s future
• Award-winning event starts with
competition in each Province and
builds to a national competition
• Only event of its kind held annually
in Canada
Pilgrimage of
Poster and
Literary Contest
• Over 100,000 young
participating annually
• Youth directed connecting to
fostering the traditions of
Remembrance for all
• Winners are flown to Ottawa
for National Remembrance
Day ceremony and tours of
various sites in the Capital
Perpetuation of
• 2 Minute Wave of Silence
• Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
• War Memorial Interpretive Tablets
• “The Valiants”
• Canadian War Museum –
Legion Hall of Remembrance
• Virtual Wall of Honour and Remembrance
• Valour Bridge
One of our most important roles
is to be the guardians of
Remembrance. Without the
organizing skills of all our Legion
Branches, there would be no
Remembrance Day ceremonies
across Canada.
We do this as a solemn duty to
you and to all Canadian veterans.
They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.
Poppy Campaign
• More than 18 million Poppies
distributed annually
• Poppy represents Canada’s
pledge to never forget
• Poppy funds are held in public
trust and can only be used to
assist Veterans and their
Poppy Fund Grants
• Providing assistance to Veterans (including serving CAF
personnel, RCMP members) and their families
• Supporting medical training and research, and the
provision of community medical appliances to assist in
the care of Veterans and their families
• Canadian Military Family Resource Centres
• Providing bursaries to children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren of Veterans
We Support Our Troops
• Veterans Transition Network (national
• MFRC Programs & CF Appreciation Days
• Nijmegen March
• Operation Santa Claus & Canada Day gifts for
• Landstuhl Fisher House
• Military and Veterans Health Research Forum
• Healing Waters
• Various Soldier On programs
Troop Morale Fund
More than $900,000 raised from
Legions across Canada that put
a comfort from home in the
hands of our troops.
100% of funds given in
certificates – no overhead
The Legion Cares for all Veterans!
The Service Bureau
A fully networked service of the Legion operating
from coast to coast. can assist and represent still
serving CF members Veterans, RCMP members
and their families regarding disability claims or
related issues with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)
and the Veterans Review and Appeal Board
(VRAB). All services are provided free of charge
and Veterans do not have to be a member of the
Legion to access support.
• More than 1,400 volunteer Service Officers
• 23 professional Command Service Officers
The Service Bureau
• The Legion has operated a Service Bureau since 1926:
• Disability benefits including health benefits and services for CAF
members, RCMP, Veterans and family members
• Benevolent Funds (Poppy Fund), Allied Benevolent Funds
• Homeless Veterans programs
• Housing in 140 sites / 7,000 units: CMHC Housing Award in 2008
• Outreach and Visitation Initiative
• Toll free service 1-877-534-4666
• Service Officer in every Legion across the country
• Partners with Integrated Personnel Support Centres
• Advocacy
Royal Commonwealth
Ex-Services League
• Founded in 1921 as British Empire Service League
• Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
• United Advocacy
• 119 Veterans, 16 Caribbean Countries, 119 Widows
• Over $300,000 annually in Assistance
• CAF Support
Current Advocacy Issues
• Elimination of barriers to Eligibility; fair and accessible for all
Veterans with injuries attributable to their service (e.g. Legacy
of Care)
• Impact of Federal Government Budget reduction on Veterans’
• Continue to push on improvements to New Veterans Charter
and 14 recommendations from ACVA Report of June 2014
• Post 65 Income for disabled Veterans
• Care of the family
• Research on Veterans’ Health
The Future
Our priorities will remain the same:
• We will continue to adapt in the new social environment
to reach out to our Veteran community
• We will expand and enhance programs to meet the
growing needs of all Veterans such as The Legion’s
National Homeless Veterans Program and the Veterans
Transition Network National Expansion
• We will continue to provide leadership in advocacy
efforts on behalf of all Veterans and their families
• There is only one Veteran and the Legion supports all
The Future
Our priorities will remain the same:
• We will enhance partnerships to provide services and
programs to our Veteran community across the
• We will continue to support community programs
across the country
• We will ensure the perpetuation of Remembrance
especially among our youth through the expansion of
our Youth Education Programs
• We Will Remember Them

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