November 2012
Margriet ter Horst
(Student Mobility Centre)
Academic aspects
-minor semester
-academic calendar
-learning agreement
-website & deadline
-step by step
What is an Exchange Programme?
150 Stenden students
one semester
one of our partners universities
same time students at Stenden
What to expect?
•courses not offered at your home campus
•learn from different lecturers
•make new friends & experience different cultures
•Enhance personal and educational perspective
•break out comfort zones
•become more independent and resourceful
Additional value to your
Stenden education !
Choosing an Exchange means:
•Credit transfer (30 EC)
•Stay paying tuition fee to Stenden
•Limited number participants per
partner (selection!)
•Over 100 partners
•The need to be independent!
Partner list: Europe
Austria Belgium Croatia Czech Republic Denmark
Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland
Italy Lithuania Norway Poland Portugal Slovenia
Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey
United Kingdom
Update partnerlist
-Universidad de Girona (Spain): new partner
-Michigan State University (USA):
No longer focusing on retail
-Jamk (Finland) : no longer
for business
-Canada: 2 students for spring
and two students for autumn
-Australia: 2 students for July 2013
-London: 2 students for Sept 2013
Please note: the partnerlist is subject to changes!
Partners & Subjects
Business & Tourism: many partners to choose
from! For other programmes options may be
more limited, e.g.:
Molde, Kymenlaakson, Le Havre,
Izmir, Yasar, Ludwigshafen, ….
Hamk, Vienna, SAC, …..
Stuttgart, Yasar, Izmir, Jamk, Samk,
Linnaeus, Bremerhafen, Würzburg,
MidSweden, ….
Soc. Work: North Karelia, Katho, ….
Example courses Norway:
Finnmark University
Innovation management 10 EC
Transnational strategy 10 EC
Cross border entrepreneurship 10 EC
Norwegian language course 5 EC
Autumn outdoor life activities 15 EC
Example learning agreement Turkey:
Yasar University
Film criticism and analysis 4 EC
Documentary cinema 6 EC
Broadcoast journalism 5 EC
Internet marketing 4 EC
Media analysis 5 EC
Media planning 5 EC
Turkish for foreigners 2 EC
International orientation studies 1 EC
Academic Calendar:
Planning to leave for your exchange in
September or February?
Please check: overlap between
(current?) academic calendars of
Stenden and partner university
-Leaving Stenden earlier in January?!
-Arriving later at Stenden in February?!
-Missing the Progress test in January?!
Information about
application available
Deadline application:
February 1 2013
Write your motivation
letter a.s.a.p.
and no later than in
your Christmas break!
Desk research
Desk research
Motivation letter
Available on our
* Partnerlist
* Appl. procedure
* Application doc’s:
•Digital application
•Print progress
•Motivation letter+CV
•Advice study coach
•Safety & well-being
•Proof language skills
Steps preparing the application (1)
1. Study partnerlist, websites, subject
requirements, language requirements,
academic calendar, etc.
2. Make a list of your first,
second and third choice
3. Write your motivation letter + CV and
hand in to your studycoach (who will have to
assess your motivation) together with the form
Advice Study Coach: no later than December
Steps preparing the application (2)
4. Prepare the other appendix of your application:
- (Motivation letter + CV + advice study coach)
- Progress print check if complete!
- Proof of language skills (French, German,
- Intake form
- Safety and well being form
Steps preparing the application (3)
5. Fill in the digital application
6. Hand in the paperwork at I-Study (including
print of your digital application)
Deadline February 1, 2013
Only complete applications will be handled!
Applications/Appendix arriving later than February 1st
will be placed on a waiting list !
Timeline exchange
Deadline February 1st
Application (internal)
Screening & Selection
Nomination to partner uni’s
April / May 2013
Application partner uni (external)
April / May 2013
Pre departure Meeting 1 & 2
August 2013 /
January or February
Screening and selection
Why & How
Assessment of:
1. Motivation Letter (max 5)
2. Advice Study Coach (1)
3. Print Progress (3) Check if complete!
4. Language Skills (2) if applicable
5. Overal impression application (1)
Assessment Motivation letter
Personal introduction and explanation of the
importance or added value of the exchange
programme for your study programme and future
Motivate the reason for choosing this institute. Is the
institute authoritative for the subject or does it offer
unique courses?
Include an indication of the courses you hope to
follow or specific subjects you would like to study.
Sometimes the courses chosen can have the effect of 0
broadening and sometimes the effect of deepening to
your study programme. Describe what you expect to
achieve during the exchange programme.
Add your CV to your motivation letter.
Total score Motivation Letter:
Results selection
Your application gets a mark.
Students with the highest marks
are the first to be nominated to
their first choice
(applicable in case more students
apply for a university than we
have places available)
Questions exchange
1. Information partner universities: see
partnerlist for websites
2. Information exchange in your Stenden
see list of exchange co-ordinators for each
Stenden programme
3. Questions exchange procedure:
Student Mobility Centre
Office hour SMC:
Tuesday, Wedn., Thursd:
13.00-14.00 hrs I-Study
You pay your normal tuition fee to Stenden, not to
the partner university!
Other costs will differ per country:
1. Travel costs
2. Costs for housing / living / insurance
3. Costs for study materials / fieldtrips
4. Costs for visa / residence permit / vaccination
(if applicable)
Some universities give a financial overview on
their website
Erasmus: For students who go on a European
More students than Erasmus grants? Selection!
+/- 200,- euro per month
Check for other grant options:
More information?
Check Nuffic:
Approaching graduation?
Grants for studying abroad after graduation:
check: (Dutch nationality)
Leonardo for graduates:
[email protected]
The world is a book and those who don’t travel
read only a page! (St Augustine)

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