Wanted Poster

 1) When Sir Philip Morton inherited his grandfather’s
land in Cumberland, he created two problems for the
people of this area. Explain.
 2) Peter, the main character, makes a very serious
mistake at the end of chapter 1. Explain the immediate
results of his actions.
 1) Why was Sir Philip Morton after Peter? What
charges might he lay on him?
 1) In chapter 3 we are introduced to the theater. Make a
list of your discoveries about the 16th century theater.
 1) How did the actors react to Sir Philip’s search for
 2) When Peter was in the coffin he came up with a
two-part escape plan, what was the plan?
 1) By the end of chapter 5, Peter has become an actor.
Create a sequence of events (point form) which shows
how this happened.
 2) There is a lot of foreshadowing in the book. Write 3
questions which you have about the story, or 3 things
you think will happen.
 1) Throughout chapters 6, 7, 8 we find out a lot of info
about the workings of a traveling theater company.
Explain its operations. Consider the following: casting of parts - shareholding - performance rights physical aspects of performance
 2) After Desmond’s company splits up, Kit and Peter
make their way to London. Explain the events which
lead them to London, and their meeting of
 1) In chapter ten we learn Kit’s story. Explain the
relationship between Kit and Sir Philip Morton.
 2) The novel’s plot, to this point, is based on two
conflict situations (see below) that run in both parallel
and intersecting directions. How are these situations
the same? How are they different?
 A) Peter vs. Sir Philip Morton
 B) Kit vs. Sir Philip Morton
 1) At the end of chapter 12, Peter has retrieved his play
script from the house of the yellow gentleman. There
were two peculiarities about the script. Identify the
two additions. What explanations can you give for
these additions?
 1) What is “the clue of the sonnet”?
 2) When they discover the clue, they develop three
possible interpretations of it. List three possibilities.
 3) Explain the role of the secret service of the Queen.
 4) In what capacity did Peter and Kit accompany Tom
Boyd to Cumberland?
Miss MacLean
Language Arts 9
February 2011
 What is a wanted poster?
 What are the typical characteristics of a
wanted poster?
 Which character(s) in Cue for Treason may
have been on a wanted poster in
Shakespearian England times?
 Choose a character from “Cue for Treason” (i.e.
Peter or Kit) and create a wanted poster.
 Requirements:
 A photo of the character (no computer images)
 Physical description
 Other relevant information
(i.e. last seen, alias, reward)
 Be Creative!
 1) In chapter 15, Tom Boyd determines that the peel
tower has been recently visited. List the clues which
lead to this conclusion.
 2) In their watch of the peel tower, Peter, Kit, and Tom
make one fatal mistake. What is this mistake, and
what are the results of this mistake?
 3) Explain the plan of the conspirators. (Ch 16)
 4) Suggest reasons that would explain the fact that
Peter Brownrigg has been held prisoner, whereas Tom
Boyd appears to have been murdered.
 1) Create a single title for these three chapters. In a
paragraph explain why you chose this title.
 2) Write a response to these three chapters.
 3) How does Kit determine that Mr. Armthwaite is one
of the conspirators?
 1) We are introduced to a new group of people - the
miners. Describe this group. Give possible
explanations for their “barbaric” behavior.
 1) Why does the author shift from the first person to
the third person point of view at the beginning of Ch.
 2) Explain the meaning of the title for Ch 24: “A Cue
Was Missed”
 3) What was your reaction to the end of the story? Had
you expected this ending? What would you change
about the ending if you were the author?

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