Panda Bear Speeches PPT

Delivery – Week 8, Term 3
Helen - Resources
• Show the PPT named:
Writing to Persuade
• Document: Persuasive_Sentence_Starters
• Persuasive Writing Features Chart
Success Criteria
• Time: 2 to 3 minutes
• Introduction – engaging /interesting/possibly funny
• Keep the main body of the information report the
same. You may want to engage the audience by
changing a few words at the beginning of your
• Ending – Must be your opinion
Speech Delivery
Loud voice
Clear speech
Expressive Voice
Make eye contact with the audience
Use some appropriate body language to enhance your
Use a good hook
Content must be interesting and engaging
End of speech must leave people thinking
Effective use of props
Cue cards for quick reminders (memorise parts of your
• You could start with a riddle;
• What’s black and white, black and white, and
black and white?
• A panda bear rolling down a hill.
Or you could start with a rhetorical
• How do you think you would feel if ...
• How would you like to have your .....
• What would you think if ...
• Why are so many ....
For Example:
• Did you know that there are more than a
dozen pandas in most zoos across the world?
• What do YOU think makes a panda bear SO
special that it should be saved?
• Are you aware that there are only about 700
to 1000 pandas alive in the world today?
Or, you could make a dramatic
• Panda Bears are dying!
• Most people would agree with me that Panda
Bears are one of the cutest animals on our
• Panda Bears are incredible creatures. Let me
tell you about them.
You could use other persuasive writing
language features,
• Rule of three
– The Panda Bear. Gorgeous, gracious, glorious!
• Alliteration
• Hyperbole (but keep it real)
• Repetition for effect
– Panda Bears are gorgeous. Panda Bears are...
Panda Bears are ...
Body of Speech
• Use the information you have gathered in your
information report. You may wish to change
this slightly to engage the reader more.
• This is up to you – what do you think will make
the speech more interesting?
End of Speech
• This must be YOUR OPINION (your thoughts)
• Convince your audience to feel the way you
• Think about different language features you
could use, e.g hyperbole, alliteration, rule of
three, repetition etc
Tie in your beginning to your end.
Panda Bears are glorious creatures. Although
they are protected by law in China, they are
becoming increasingly rare. With only about
1,000 pandas left on our planet, I believe it is
time that WE ALL start helping to save this
incredibly vulnerable, awesome animal from
extinction. Your help is crucial!

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