Cue for Treason by Geoffrey Trease

Cue for Treason
Geoffrey Trease
Chapter Questions
Chapter One:
Dawn is Dangerous
Who is the narrator?
Who is the protagonist?
Predict who is the antagonist.
Describe the narrative point of view.
What is the setting of the novel?
In which county is this chapter set?(pg 15)
Why are they leaving the house when it is still
Chapter One:
Dawn is Dangerous
8. What is a beck? (page 15)
9. Why was dawn so dangerous according to Peter?
10. How is Peter able to warn the men of an impending
11. Explain how Peter narrowly escapes death.
12. What does Peter say at the end of the chapter that
hints that he and his family may be in trouble?
Chapter Two:
1. At what time of day did school begin for Peter?
2. Describe Nathaniel.
3. Why was Peter convinced that the old people
envied his journey to school?
4. Why did George Bell go looking for Peter?
5. When did Peter realize he was in serious trouble?
6. Why does Mr. Brownrigg insist that his son cannot
remain at home?
7. Why is Peter happy about leaving home?
Chapter Three:
Peril at Penrith
1. What type of games did Peter and his friends play
at the Stronghold when they were younger?
2. What is a peel?
3. How far was it from the Stronghold to Penrith?
4. Penrith had very narrow streets that led to a very
large and spacious square in the centre of town.
Why had the town been designed this way?
5. Who met Peter unexpectedly at the market?
Chapter Three:
Peril at Penrith
6. What news did Peter receive about Sir Philip
7. What happened when Peter asked the travelling
merchants if they needed a boy to help them?
8. How did Peter decide to take his mind off his
9. Peter was shocked to see someone coming through
the archway. Who was it?
10. Where did Peter choose to hide?
Chapter Four:
There is Safety in Coffins
1. Describe Peter’s very first stage appearance.
2. What does Peter plan to do when he
discovers that Sir Philip has set a watch or
guard at all roads leading out of Penrith?
3. How is the second part of his plan foiled?
Chapter Five:
Someone Was Watching
1. Why were they unable to reach Kendal that night?
2. How did the group of actors react when they
discovered Peter?
3. Why did William Desmond ask Peter if he could
4. Explain what happened when the men on
horseback discovered Peter hiding in the wagon.
5. How did the Desmonds react when Peter was
6. What happened to Christopher (Kit) Marlowe?
Chapter Six:
Rivals on the Road
1. What does Kit Kirkstone say that he would
like to do?
2. Why does Peter think that Kit is lying about
his name?
3. What is the significance of the title of this
4. What address did Peter notice on Kit’s
Chapter Seven:
Who is Kit Kirkstone?
1. What did the acting company have to secure
in each town before they could perform?
2. Why did Peter say that Kit Kirkstone has
spoiled things for him?
3. Give evidence that Kit remained aloof from
the other boys.
4. What is a cockfight?
Chapter Seven:
Who is Kit Kirkstone?
5. What reasons did half of the company give for
wanting to finish the tour of Abingdon?
6. Explain the Poor Law.
7. What company did the Desmonds intend to
join in London?
8. On what condition did Kit Kirkstone accept
employment with Mr. and Mrs. Desmond in
Chapter Eight: The Man from Stratford
1. What clues were there in the preceding
chapters that indicated that Kit might have
been a girl?
2. What did Kit believe would happen if Mr.
Desmond discovered her true identity?
3. Explain why Kit and Peter decide to go on
alone to London without the Desmonds.
4. Who was the man from Stratford?
Chapter Nine: Re-enter Danger!
1. Why was Shakespeare able to feast Peter
and Kit that evening?
2. Who did Shakespeare refer to as pirates?
3. Whose eyes did Peter find himself looking
into when he lifted his head?
4. Do you think this was a good way to end the
chapter? Why or why not?
Chapter Ten: Sir Philip is the Man
1. Why did Peter think that his voice might
reveal his true identity?
2. Whose appearance has upset Burbage?
3. Who saves Kit from a thrashing? Why?
4. Why had Kit run away from her home?
5. What is Kit’s real name?
6. Describe Katherine’s feelings about Sir Philip
Chapter Eleven: The House of the Yellow Gentleman
Chapter Twelve: Treason on Thames-side
1. Who is the yellow gentleman? Why does Peter
give him that name?
2. Why does Peter need a half a dozen daggers?
3. Whose name does Peter hear being discussed by
the yellow gentleman?
4. What was Peter excited to see half hidden under a
stack of letters?
5. Kit suspects treason. What evidence supports her
Chapter Thirteen: The Clue of the Sonnet
Chapter Fourteen: Secret Agents
Chapter Fifteen: The Lonely Tower
1. How does Sir Francis Bacon decipher the code of the
2. What is the significance of the message?
3. Who was Robert Cecil?
4. What warning does Mrs. Brownrigg offer to Boyd and the
two apprentices?
5. Where did they decide to leave their horses?
6. What is a perspective glass?
7. Why did Tom refer to watching with the phrase, “This is
like fishing”?
8. What evidence did Tom find that someone had been at
the peel recently?
9. What was one of the men carrying on his fist?
Chapter Sixteen: The Heart of the Secret
1. What was the “patch of water” at the
bottom of the stairs?
2. When does Peter realize that the two men in
the tower are talking about Tom?
3. What incredible plot does Peter overhear
while listening to the two men?
4. What happens to Peter at the end of chapter
Chapter 17: Held for Questioning
1. Describe Peter’s situation at the beginning of
chapter 17.
2. What does Peter discover when he attempts to run
away from Duncan?
3. How does Peter manage to free himself?
4. How does the wind keep Peter a prisoner?
5. What does Peter do to Anthony Duncan before
leaving the islet in chapter 18?
6. What thought keeps Peter going during the swim?
Chapter 18: Striding Edge
• No questions
Chapter Nineteen: Besieged
• How does Snap react at the sight of Peter?
• Who comes to the house looking for Peter?
• Describe what Peter and Kit intend to do after
their escape through the narrow window.
Chapter 20: Then who is Loyal?
• No questions
Chapter 21 - 25
What does Peter think of Kit’s suggestion that they
sell one of the horses?
What route does Peter suggest they take to London
to avoid detection?
What was the Wool Pack?
There is a narrative shift: Peter is no longer telling the
story. Why not? Describe the new narrative point of
Who is John Somers?
Why are Kit and Peter introduced to Queen Elizabeth
What happens to Sir Philip?
What happens to Kit and Peter?

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