A Strategy for Persuasive Writing
Given a prompting question can the student:
◦ Decide what he or she believes?
◦ Respond clearly writing those beliefs?
Given a graphic organizer and information ,can the student appropriately fill in the
Given his or her topic sentence, can the student provide up to three written reasons to
support the topic sentence?
Given his or her topic sentence and reasons to support that topic sentence, can the
student elaborate on those reasons?
Given the topic sentence, reasons to support , and elaborations, can the student
compose a statement summarizing the information?
Given the information in a graphic organizer, can the student construct a complete
Why persuasive writing is important
POW + TREE tool can help improve the
◦ POW gives you POWer when you write
 Help remember parts of a persuasive essay
 Help Organize ideas
POW + TREE Strategy
Pick my idea
Organize my notes using TREE
 T
 R
 E
 E
Topic Sentence Tell what you believe
Reasons 3 or more
Examples Why do I believe this?
Will my readers believe it?
Wrap it up right!
Write and say more.
C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Inspiration 9.lnk
Promote Memorization
◦ Have students practice in pairs with cue cards
Provide Scaffolded Support
◦ Poster
>Student Made Cue Cards (w/o poster)>
>No Cue Cards
Encourage Independent Use
Are the students actually using the strategy?
Has their writing performance improved?
Do the students see the strategy as valuable?
Can they use the strategy in other expository
writing assignments (e.g., compare and
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