6th Period Registration

Are you ready for
Road Test???
What is Budget Challenge?
Simulation challenge for students to compete to manage a
‘Typical Household Budget’ in real-time.
Uses real personal finance tools
Provides real consequences
Operates via email and Internet
Provides safe environment
– Intro 2 min. video can be found on Teacher Home>Resources page.
The Road Test for Personal Finance
Personal finance should be taken as
seriously as learning to drive.
No matter which state you live in, to
get a driver’s license, you need to pass
a written and a road test.
There is a HUGE difference between
knowing what a break pedal is and
really knowing how to use it, at the
right time, and in the correct way.
In Budget Challenge, you will learn by
Through trial and error you will hone
your skills and demonstrate working
knowledge of many fundamentals in
real world situations.
Student Registration Instructions
• Go to www.hrblock.BudgetChallenge.com
• Click Register
Student Registration Instructions
• Enter Class Code and Click Validate Code
Registration code
Creating a Student Account
• Username:
– 7-13 letters or numbers
– no spaces
– no special characters
• Password:
7-13 characters
At least one letter
At least one number
No spaces
• School address auto-populates
• Submit
Confirming the Student Account
• Students should open the Registration
confirmation email in their Inbox.
Check Spam folder if not found in Inbox.
• Click on Activate and Login link
• Once re-directed to website, select
Click here to go to the next step
The username and password for your account will only work
AFTER you click on the 2 links.
Student Home Resources during
• Vendor Selection tabs
• Simulation Information Packet
• How to Play
• Help Desk
Simulation Overview
Scenario is the same for all students participating in same simulation
However, bill amounts and net pay amounts will vary based on:
– Choices on each Vendor Tab
– 401K contribution and Employer Match
– Bill pay performance
– Negotiation with Customer Service
Selections MUST be completed by 9 PM on the start date to be eligible
for the H&R Block Budget Challenge contest prizes.
Complete Vendor Selections
• Review the information online
– How to play
– Information packet
– Vendor selections
• Complete the Vendor Selections by 9 PM EST on the
start date. When you have made choices on all the tabs
they will all be green and that is the visual cue that your
account is ready for the start of the game.
Make a budget first!
Adjust it as new information arrives
Understand the product choices and trade-offs
Pay all of your bills on-time
Save as much as you can afford
Track income and expenses on the Budget and Cashflow spreadsheet
Leaderboard Score
• Evaluates 3 key dimensions:
– Ability to save
– Ability to avoid fees
– Personal finance knowledge
Starting 401K of $500 = Starting score
Earn 1 pt per $1 saved into 401K.
Contribution is Federal tax exempt.
Employer match counts toward score.
Quiz /
Lose 1 pt per $1 in fees.
Fees count for all vendors
including bank.
Lose extra 150 points for
each bill not paid on time.
• Scores and class rankings are updated daily
Earn points by taking quizzes
and feedback surveys
available on Student Home.
Points are added to score in
the evening, visible next day.
What happens when the simulation starts?
• On evening of start date:
Vendor Tab choices get locked in
Welcome email and bill notifications begin
Leaderboard populates
Starting Balances awarded in checking account and 401K
• The only categories that are adjustable are:
– bank account type
– 401K contribution %.
(401K plan is not adjustable)
• Paychecks direct deposited biweekly
(See Vendor Selections > Job for# days until 1st paycheck)
Paycheck funds are available for use the day AFTER the
deposit. See the bank page or employer page for details.
Contact Us
• For Customer Service support submit inquiries at:
– Student Home > Help Desk
– Teacher Home > Teacher Help Desk
Upon starting simulation:
• Customer service for each vendor may be contacted by
clicking the link at the bottom of every Vendor Page or
from Student Home>Help Desk.
• Allow 1-2 business days for response
personal finance simulation
Budget Challenge and ProperLiving are
registered trademarks of ProperLiving, LLC
U.S. Patent No. 8,444,418 and Patent Pending
Copyright 2014 ProperLiving, LLC
All Rights Reserved

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