Secondary i-Cue Training

Secondary i-Cue Training - 2012
Logging into i-Cue
* Links to i-Cue are available under “Staff Login Links” in the “Staff Corner”
section of each building’s webpage.
Logging In
 Passwords were NOT reset this summer.
 Your password should be the same as it was last year (unless you
already reset or changed it).
Log in using your password.
If your password expired over the summer and you have not yet
reset it, you will be prompted to change your password. Follow
the prompts to change your password.
If you forgot your password and have a challenge date already set
up, you may retrieve/reset your password yourself by clicking on
the “I forgot my password” link on the login screen.
If you forgot your password and do not have a challenge date set
up, you will need to have your password changed by contacting
Missy Williams, Cathy Blaha or your building iCue support person.
Changing your password
 If you do not like your current password and want to change it, you
may do so at any time during the year.
 To change your password, select “Tools” and then “Change
Password” from the iCue menu.
 Follow the instructions on the screen to enter your old and new
Set up a Challenge Date!!
 If you set up a challenge date already last year, you do not need to
do it again, however you may change it if you wish.
 Setting up a challenge date allows you to take advantage of the iCue
password self help feature! If you have a challenge date set up, you
can click on the “I forgot my password” button on the login screen
to reset your password .
 Select “Tools” and then “Update My Challenge Date” from the
menu. Enter a challenge date. Click on the “Update My Challenge
Date” blue button to save your challenge date.
 Be sure the challenge date is a date you will remember.
iCue Menu Bar
Attendance : Enter Period Attendance
Grade Book: Displays only for teachers who have requested GradeBook.
Tools: Change Preference (Display or Hide Student Images), Change Passwords,
& Access Seating Charts
Tests & Assessments: Access one-click test data reports (NWEA, MCA, etc.)
Reports: View class reports including Blank Rosters, Class Directory Reports &
Class Attendance Summary Reports.
Period Attendance
If you have attendance questions, contact…..
Middle School: Judy Tutewohl
High School: Julie MacDougal
Tests and Assessments
- One Click Reports
Change the roster date to a
date in the 2012-2013 school
year if you wish to view test
data for your NEW students.
Change the roster date to a
date in the 2011-2012 school
year if you wish to view test
data for your students from last
Test Results Available in iCue
 NWEA MAP Scores for all years including 2011-2012
 ACT Scores
 MCA Math Scores for all years
 MCA Reading Scores for all years
 GRAD Math, Reading & Writing
 Oral Reading Fluency Scores (younger grade levels only)
 Coming Soon: MCA Science Scores for 2011-2012
• Blank Roster - List of students. Can set # of blank
• Class Summary Attendance - Lists all students in class
and their total number of days absent and tardy.
• Directory - Student Name, ID, Grade, Birthday, Parent
names, addresses, phone numbers and email.
• Missing Definitions - Lists the definitions that have a
status of A (Absent) or M (Missing).
• Click on a column header to sort a report by that column.
• All reports can be printed or saved as a tab-delimited file.
• See handout for additional instructions on tab-delimited files.
Special Symbols : IMPORTANT!
> Child Protection
The school has some sort of court document regarding the child. Your building
office would have more specific details on the situation.
^ Data Privacy
Parent has completed a form to request data privacy. Do not post this child’s
name or information anywhere it could be seen by public.
* If a student has a special symbol assigned to them, you
would see it displayed next to their name. Currently
there are very few students with special symbols.
Student Link
Click on the “Student Link”
icon displayed next to a
student’s name.
Click on one of the blue
tabs to display more
detailed information for the
Reminder: i-Plan Tab – Displays i-Plan Adaptations, Assessments
and Diploma Requirements for students with IEPs.
Messaging Feature
 New feature last year.
 Gives you the ability to send email messages to a group of
students and/or parents.
 Messages can be sent to email accounts or SchoolView
accounts. SchoolView accounts have an inbox.
 Messages are “one-way”. Parents/Students receiving the
message are not able to reply and send a message back.
 You can still send email messages by selecting students or
parents in the directory reports. The messaging feature gives
you more filtering options and gives you the ability to email
all of your students at once.
Messaging Feature
• Click on the Mail icon in the upper right hand corner in iCue to
use the new Messaging Feature.
• The system will then walk you through selecting your recipients
and creating and your message.
Messaging Feature
 Step 1: Select who you would like to send the message to. You
can send to students or parents or both.
 Step 2: Select additional filters and click on next. You can send
to all of your classes or a specific class. You will need to change
the roster date to a date that the class is in session.
 Step 3: Indicates how many recipients are in your list at this
point. Select if you would like to send message to the entire
group or filter it further by individual name within the group.
 Step 4: Create your message and select a delivery date.
* Suggestion: Since parents & students might not regularly check their
SchoolView Inbox, you may want to send messages to Email instead.
What do Parents & Students See?
Email Message
from [email protected]
Be sure to be descriptive in your subject
line and body of your email since the
“from” field will not indicate your name.
SchoolView Message
Message appears in the “InBox” in the parent and/or
student’s SchoolView
account. Student or parent
must log in to SchoolView in
order to view the message.
GradeBook Setup - Preferences
 On the top tabs select Gradebook
 Go to Set-Up
 Select Preferences
 Verify your phone number
 Verify your email address
 If you use Custom Fields this is where you would enable them.
 Check your rounding
 Check if you want adjusted points
 Check your data entry (cursor) and sort
 Change your font size
What do parents and students see?
GradeBook Enhancements
(released 8/17/12)
 New: The Edit Scores for Multiple Definitions page will now display the maximum
points for each definition in the column header with the Definitions title.
 The individual score cells on the Edit Scores for Multiple Definitions score entry page
will be highlighted in a color when the score status is A, M, X or a blank score.
 The Edit Scores for Multiple Definitions score entry page was enhanced to include a
"Choose another course" list box for quicker navigation from class to class. In addition,
if you have entered scores without saving and choose another class from the list box, you
will receive a warning "Are you sure you wish to change classes? Note: Changes to the
current class will be lost!" with the option to choose OK or Cancel.
 If you have set a Maximum Score Alert in Preferences, when you save a score greater
than the maximum, the scores that are greater will be bordered in red, and you will
receive the warning "You are trying to save scores that exceed the maximum points.
Continue?" with the option of choosing OK or Cancel. This functionality is on all score
entry pages.
Grading Scales
 You may define new grading scales or copy over scales from
last year.
We can use more than one grading scale per class
We have a default grading scale and a pass fail grading scale
set up. To use the pass/fail select edit grading scale and select
it in the drop down menu
Now that you have defined your grading scale you will need
to assign it to that class or an individual within the class.
In set-up, select Assign Grading Scale.
Assign the grading scale to the entire class or individual
Grading Categories
• You may set up new grading categories (example: Homework, Quizzes, Tests) or
copy over grading categories from the previous year.
• Categories can be added that can be checked to “not include in final grade
calculation”. This will allow you to enter definitions that are scored, but are not
calculated in the term or YTD grade
Copy Utility
 If you would like to copy information from last year (grading
scales, categories and/or definitions) you can do that by using
the copy utility.
 Select Utilities
 Select the SourceYear (12)
 Select the Term (1, 2, 3, or 4)
 Select your Source Class
 Apply the Source Class to the New class.
Adding a Definition
Entering Scores & Comments
Contact your building i-Cue site lead
Middle School: Lynn Muench
High School: Karl Jacobsen
For password support, you may also contact
Missy Williams or Cathy Blaha in the district office.

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