Technology Options - Information Technology Services

Student Technology
Please pickup the handout before the
session begins.
What do I bring to WSU?
A laptop, desktop or other
computing device. (Printer is
If purchasing a new computer, a
5GHz (Gigahertz) wireless N card is
A Network Cable (Cat 5 or 6)
Printing Options at WSU
Coug Prints is a fast, convenient, wireless service for printing
your digital files or making copies on campus.
14 locations around campus for quick, quality prints
Coug Prints uses the CougarCard to pay for your prints. – for costs/locations etc.
Gaming Consoles
 Game consoles are
permitted on the WSU
 Students must register their
console at the Console
Registration Page on the
Student Webpage
WSU Identities & Network Services
 Network IDs
 Friend IDs
/Shared Info
 zzusis
 Email
 Resnet
Network IDs
 WSU Electronic Identification
 Prompted For TANK:
 Temporary Network Access Key
 Choose an email address to send a PIN to
 When the email arrives:
 Enter PIN
 Enter Birth Date
 Password Creation
 Create question/answer
 10+ characters, 3 of the 4 character sets
 Note the ID number and NID – Remember your Password!
Friend ID’s
 Friend ID’s are created from an
e-mail address and allow
parent’s to access WSU
 The Student controls what
information is shared
 Basic information will be
 Activation requires responding
to an “activation” e-mail
Friend ID’s – Common Questions
“I have a FID and can log into zzusis, but when I click the Shared
Info Link, I get told I have no information available to view”
Call your student. The Helpdesk is prevented by law from providing access
to that information. (FERPA)
“I have two students… do I need two FID’s?”
Nope. One will do for both. Your FID lets you access Shared Info in zzusis.
Info shared by each student will be clearly delineated.
I forgot my FID password
You can reset this password at
Shared Info
Students share specific
information with FID holders
You can share your information
with any Friend ID you choose
WSU Email
<student network ID>
forwards to your student email account
Delivery Destination is to a Microsoft Live account that
can be accessed at
([email protected])
WSU Residence Hall Internet
(ResNet) wired and wireless
network’s are shared throughout
the Residence Hall community
Setup Guides available online on
the student home page located at
WSU Residence Halls offer a high speed
wireless network available to all students.
Bridging is not allowed on the WSU Network
Wireless switches, printers, or any device that
interferes with the WSU ResNet Wireless network
are not allowed in the residence halls.
Common Student Network Problems
WSU policy Violations & Misuse of the WSU Network
 Know the copyright infringement law & avoid peer-to-peer file sharing
 Keep your Operating System and Antivirus patched and up to date
 Watch for phishing & social engineering attempts to get your
 WSU will never ask for your passwords!!
 Do not run a business or run a political campaign on the WSU Network
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Intellectual Property Watchdogs
Recording Industry Association of America
Motion Picture Association of America
Entertainment Software Association
Students Are Targeted by the Entertainment
DMCA Notice of Infringement
Technology Resources Available
 RTA – Residential Technology Assistant
 Walk-in Helpdesk - Room 302 – CUE Bldg
 Phone/E-mail Support – 335-HELP (4357)
[email protected]
 Integrated Media Services – Misc equipment
loans/rentals for classes
 TechStore – Free or reduced price software
ITS HelpDesk
Services Offered
setup & troubleshooting
Virus scans
Reformat and data backup
General troubleshooting
Contact Us
Open 8 AM – 5 PM
Monday through Friday
CUE 302
(509) 335-HELP (4357)
[email protected]
Integrated Media Services
Equipment Loan/Rental
150 Holland Library, Pullman campus
Integrated Media Services makes a variety of media
equipment available to the university community (faculty,
staff, and students) as well as to the general public.
 Available through the Online TechStore
 Discounted and Free Software – Limited Titles
 Hardware & cell phone discounts available to
 Laptop Rentals – CUE 302
 Check website for the current product availability
Link to general IT information, FAQ’s and a process to reset forgotten
There is a link for More Help for Students & Parents as well as the ITS
Search Bar
Angel Learning
Management System
 WSU uses Angel for course spaces
 The website is
 You will log in with the Network ID & Password that grants you
access to zzusis
 The recommended browser is Mozilla Firefox
 Courses must be enabled by the instructor
Do Not Be Alarmed!
This error is often seen at the beginning of the semester
and it means none of your courses have been enabled.
If the semester has started, contact your instructors, if it
has not, try again after the semester has begun.

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