Dementia Friendly Communities (Powerpoint document

Aileen Francis
Money Matters & Advocacy
Dementia Friendly Communities
• “A dementia-friendly community is one in which
people with dementia are empowered to have
high aspirations and feel confident. Knowing they
can contribute and participate in activities that
are meaningful to them”
• Able to lead a normal a life as possible, supported
by the community they live in.
• No 1 Activity identified – to do the weekly
shopping – 35% only go out once a week. 9%
have stopped all things they used to do.
Dementia Friendly Community Project
• December 2012 Age UK Pilot – Main Stream
Services become Dementia Friendly – Training
package developed in 3 levels – Leaflet, E
Learning and Dementia Awareness session.
• 2013 Funding received from Norfolk & Suffolk
Dementia Alliance – To develop a Dementia
Friendly Communities pilot project.
• March 2013 – Dementia Lead recruited –
Joanne Mountjoy-Dixon.
• March – May 2013 Dementia Friendly Community
research undertaken and project plan developed.
• Wymondham Dementia Support Group(Pabulum Café)
identified as the Community Hub.
• Toolkit developed as part of training package to be
offered to businesses, organisations and groups.
• Sticker designed to indicate Dementia Aware
shop/business etc.
• May – September Dementia Lead becomes part of the
Wymondham community and identifies key individuals
and organisations to drive project forward –
Ownership/Cross Section of the community.
• September 12th DFC Launch Evening – 80+ people
attend - sign up for training package.
Dementia Friendly Community Toolkit
Awareness and guidance for local businesses, organisations and groups
• Section 1 – Dementia information awareness
and understanding.
• Section 2 – How to help people with memory
• Section 3 – Creating a dementia friendly
• Section 4 – Useful resources and information.
• October 8th – first Dementia Awareness
Training Session Delivered – toolkit and sticker
issued.(Dementia Friends Badge)
• Dementia Lead encourages community to
develop services for those living with
• Community drive forward process with
support from Age UK Norfolk.
Project Spin-offs
• Age UK Norfolk profile raised - IA&A Services services
• Individuals supported
• Wymondham Business Support Group.
• Training delivered to Wymondham Library – potential roll
out to Norfolk Library Service.
• Waitrose/John Lewis – Training Package.
• Police ‘Safer Places’ initiative.
• Tesco community staff.
• ASDA/CO-OP – Swaffham.
• Approach from The Church – community within the wider
Development Plans
• Already working with Swaffham Iceni Project and
in discussion with Wells – all communities are
• Norfolk & Suffolk Dementia Alliance - future
funding to roll out to 28 hubs across
• Working in partnership with the Alzheimers
• Expansion of Dementia Cafés and support
‘If we give a better service to people with
dementia, then we give a better service to
“As their dementia progresses, people may be
less able to enter our world – we may need to
enter theirs and enjoy it with them”

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