SS7G10 The student will discuss environmental issues across

SS7G10 The student will discuss environmental
issues across Southern and Eastern Asia.
a. Describe the causes and effects of pollution on the
Yangtze and Ganges Rivers.
b. Describe the causes and effects of air pollution and
flooding in India and China.
Pollution of the Yangtze River
Causes include –
• Sewage runoff
• Industrial runoff
• Agricultural runoff
Pollution of the Yangtze River
Effects include –
• Dead zones
• Lack of drinkable water
• Deformities in animals
• Multiple health issues
Pollution of the Ganges River
Causes include –
• Industrial runoff
• Human waste
• Human pollution
• Bodies
Pollution of the Ganges
Effects include –
• Health issues
• Death
• Lack of drinkable water
• Negative impact on
Air Pollution in India
Causes –
Effects –
• Transportation
• Industry
• Household pollution
• Coal power stations
• Large population
• Death (over 2million/year)
• Lung cancer
• Lung infections
• chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease.
Air Pollution in China
Causes –
Effects –
• Rapid economic growth
• Burning coal
• Population growth
• Transportation
• Respiratory disease
• Lung cancer
• Asthma
• Brown cloud
• Acid rain
Flooding in India and China
Causes –
Effects –
• Typhoons
• Monsoons
• Tropical Storms
• Urban development
• Human Oversight
• Damage to property
• Loss of property
• Diseases
• Death
• Economic toll
• Landslides
Will the completion of the Three Gorges Dam on the upper
Yangtze River help with flooding?
Pros and Cons of the Three Gorges Dam
• Will generate electricity-clean &
• A renewable energy source
• Will control flooding
• Can store river water in case of a
• Requires the flooding of entire valleys
& scenic areas
• Disrupts natural seasonal changes in
the river
• Ecosystems can be destroyed
• Natural flooding cleans out silt
• Will improve transportation
• The silt that washes downstream
provides fertile soil
Facts about the Three Gorges Dam
“Future Wonder of the World”
• When completed it will be the largest hydroelectric dam in the world
• Will be more than 1 mile long
• Will be almost 600 feet tall
• Will cost about 24 billion dollars
• 20 years construction time!!

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