2014 Seismic Design Competition T-Shirt

2014 Seismic Design Competition
T-Shirt Competition
Submit a complete t-shirt design that includes the following:
1. Base t-shirt color chosen from: https://www.americanasportswear.com/ShopNow/Item.aspx?ID=39
2. Design for front of t-shirt
3. Design for back of t-shirt
Designs for the front and the back may have dimensions up to 11 inches wide by 12 inches tall.
Up to three different ink colors are allowed in the design on the front of the T-shirt. For more information on how to
count colors see here: http://www.ooshirts.com/help-center#countcolors
The front design must include the EERI SLC logo. High-resolution SLC logo can be downloaded here:
The text on the front must include the following in any order: 2014 Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition, July
21-25, Anchorage, AK
The design for the back of the T-shirt must contain only one ink color. Leave space on the back for the logos of the sponsors and names of the
participating teams. The minimum space of 10.5 inches by 2 inches should be considered for the logos of the sponsors and this space should be
outlined with a box. You can use the list of last year's teams (http://slc.eeri.org/SDC2013.htm) as the space holder for the schools list. The
sponsor logos and the list of all participating teams will be provided at a later date to the winner designer(s).
File Format
For printing purposes, please send us two high resolution (EPS format, > 300 dpi) images of your front and back design against a transparent or
white background. If you used Adobe Illustrator (recommended) to create the design, send the .AI file as well. Feel free to send us an additional
copy of your design displayed against your chosen base T-shirt color, for the purpose of showing off the design for the contest. An example display
design image can be found in the Facebook album.
Designs must be sent to [email protected] by April 11. Submissions will NOT be accepted after this date, as voting will take place between April 11
and April 30. We will post all submissions in a gallery on our Facebook page:
The design with the most likes on May 01 at midnight will win. The winner will receive a $200 prize and a complimentary T-shirt. Please email us
with any questions ([email protected]). Get designing!

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