10 things you shouldn*t say to Black People

8 Things You Shouldn’t Say to
People who are Black
By Jessica Brianna Tindal
You’re So Articulate!
• Although it may intended as a compliment,
instead comes across as being condescending. It
implies the person being complimented is an
exception to the rule and is exhibiting behavior
that isn’t typical of others of his or her ethnic
Is That Your Real Hair????
• Your general curiosity in this case can sound
racist to the person being asked and can sound
like you’re implying that a person of their race
cannot have hair of that length or texture.
“You” People
• Who exactly are "You people," and how do they
differ from regular people?
• Then ask yourself who are regular people and
why are they considered regular?
You don’t like fried chicken???
• Ask yourself why you are shocked that they don’t
eat fried chicken.
• Fried chicken is a common food in Black culture
and in many cultures. The belief that ALL Black
people do or say anything is exactly the same
way is prejudiced! This goes for any other race as
well. The differences within groups is greater
than the differences between groups.
Why are you acting White?
• Consider this a relative of "You're so articulate."
Why would exhibiting proper behavior, manners
or dialect be categorized as acting White? If
that's the case, what does it mean to act Black?
You Don’t Sound Black on the Phone
• One question: what does Black sound like?
• Saying this implies that you believe that Black
people are supposed to talk a certain way, like
being surprised that someone Black can be
articulate is offensive to those that are.
Articulation of speech has nothing to do with
what makes someone Black or not.
The N-word
• It doesn’t matter if there’s an ‘A’ or ‘er’ on the
end, don’t say it to anyone.
• If that bothers you, ask yourself why is it so
important to you to be able to say it?
I don’t think of you as Black
• Saying this seems as though thinking of them as
Black is bad or uncomfortable for you. Ask
yourself what’s wrong with thinking of them as
Black? They are Black and will always be Black,
no matter how many things you have in common
with them.
• http://www.diversityinc.com/public/3372.cfm

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