OCO Custom Abutment and Crown With CEREC

OCO Biomedical
Custom Abutment and
Crown With CEREC
Multilayered Abutment Design Crown and
Fred S. Giombolini DDS
With OCO and Cerec you Have Complete
Control of Emergence Profile and Final
OCO 5.0 Engage Implant
Zimmer 4.5 Tibase used
From Sirona
Scan Body in Place
Scan Gingival Mask
Scan of Arch
Arch with Gingival Scan
Adjust Parameters
Crown Proposal
Prposal with Model
Proposal with Ginigval
Mask Overlay
Split into Crown and
Full Ability to Adjust Shape and Size of
Crown and Abutment
Set Margin of Abutment 1.0 mm Sub
Mill Abutment
Mill Crown
Custom Abutment placed
Milled on Cerec MCXL
EMAX Crown milled from
the same Tibase scan
Finished Restoration
OCO Biomedical and CEREC
CUSTOM Abutments
 OCO is Compatible With the Sirona Tibase
 With the New 4.2 software you can design
everything in chairside
 Emax blocks allow you to mill both the custom
abutment and the crown.
 You can design both the crown and the
abutment at the same time simplifying your
implant restoration
 Cost for OCO – Sirona Tibase Custom abutment
is $150 For everything!

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