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Datamatics Overview
Datamatics Global Presence
Survey Programming Capabilities
Our Expertise
Services Offered
Quality Certifications
About Us
Specialist in Data and Content management
Next-generation end-to-end IT and KPO solutions
Cutting edge technology
Decades of global experience across 60 countries
Over 5500+ employees
Preferred partner to several Fortune 500 clients
More than 300 active global clients
Datamatics – Global Presence
Survey Programming Capabilities
In Datamatics, Confirmit Survey Programming team constitutes
experienced programmers who have extensive experience in
scripting various online studies with varied requirements and
With the help of re-engineered processes and superior
technology coupled with domain expertise, we can offer faster
turn-around-time (TAT) with Multi-Step Quality assurance. A
team of programmers who focus on integrating online survey
programming tools with other applications and building
tools/utilities to address the customized needs.
Our Expertise
Services Offered
• Multimode Surveys (CAPI, CATI, CAWI, Mobile Surveys, Offline
• Research methodologies (Conjoint/DCM, Max–Diff and
Segmentation Algorithms)
• Multi-country & multi-lingual surveys
• Complex skip patterns & quotas
• Integrating third party survey tools
• Survey Deployment & Hosting using Datamatics licenses
• Real time reporting using Confirmit Reportal and custom
Reporting tools
Dimensions to Confirmit automated conversion & vice a versa leading to time + cost savings
and improved quality.
Quick Script Convertor - A utility to convert a Word survey to Confirmit XML file
Knowledgebase - A systematic and meaningful management of the ever growing Confirmit
Helpdesk support - Expert resolution available 24x7 thereby extending the knowledge base
to personalized assistance.
Development of Workflow Management System
Online Change Management System
Experience in Reusable Components
Datamatics developed a library of different types of flash & html5 components that can be
incorporated in any survey as per the clients requirement. This library of different questions are
updated periodically.
Experience in Custom Setups
Datamatics developed a range of Custom Setups(using JavaScript/jQuery) for Survey Programming
Projects for leading online market research provider, giving them an edge in the market place among
We have the capability to customize the aesthetic for more engaging experience for the respondents.
Confirmit Reportal
Username – Datamatics
Pwd - $Password$1
Custom Reporting
Datamatics can build custom dashboards to provide
immediate insights into individual, departmental, or
enterprise performance.
Interactive graphical visual interface, will enable critical
insights and help in improving organizational performance.
Online dashboards to display KPIs and lets you drill down into data for
in-depth analysis.
Provide meaningful, visually intuitive and actionable dashboards.
A single integrated environment to manage data from different core
areas such as sales, marketing, finance, HR, logistics, and distribution.
Filter results by variables if desired, and by volume.
Wide variety of visualization options to show performance indicators
including gauges, stoplights, thermometers and cockpits
Confirmit Data Validations Capabilities
 Real time data quality checks: Identify gamers respondents real time.
 Edit Writing: Checks are written to confirm the logics from the questionnaire.
 Term Edit Writing: It ensures that the Termination logic is functioning appropriately.
 Complex Set-ups: Capability to check Algorithms (Segmentations), Max-diff, Conjoint exercise etc.
 Data run: Run the script against the data at regular intervals, creation of an error log
 Final Report: After completing all the checks, we report all the issues and the number of
 Custom Requests: Manage Custom requests like country wise respondent breakup in Multicountry studies etc.
Quality Certifications
Certified for ISO 27001
HIPAA compliant
high quality
at all times
SSAE 16 compliant processes
Certified ISO 9001-2008 (by DNV)
Certified SEI CMMI Level 3, V 1.3
Sandeep Arora
[email protected]

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