The consumer rights awareness campaign 2014

EU Awareness raising campaign
on Consumer Rights
What is the campaign?
• Awareness raising campaign on Consumer Rights launched by
the European Commission, DG Justice
• Targeted countries:
Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, and
• Main target groups:
- Consumers (especially 18-25 and over 60 year-olds)
- Traders (especially micro and small enterprises)
• Increase awareness among consumers and traders of the
existence of EU-wide rights when buying and selling goods or
• Communicate information about their specific rights and
obligations, what these mean in practice and how to exercise
• Raise awareness about EU legislation in the field (e.g.
Directive on Consumer Rights)
• Direct target groups to the Your Europe section on EUROPA
Why now?
• Coincides with introduction of the new EU Directive on
Consumer Rights (CRD) which will come in force in all
Member States by 13 June 2014
– Brings national rules into line so that consumers in the EU all have the
same rights
– Introduces new rights such as price transparency, refunds, withdrawal
from sales contracts
– Brings in common rules for businesses to make it easier for them to
trade all over Europe
EU legislation
• The Directive on Consumer Sales and Guarantees (99/44/EC)
– Consumer goods must be in conformity with the contract of sale; the
seller is liable for any lack of conformity that arises within two years
• The Unfair Contract Terms Directive (93/13/EEC)
– Consumers are not bound by unfair terms in a contract signed with a
• The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (2005/29/EC)
– Consumers are protected against misleading advertising and
aggressive commercial practices
• The Directive on Consumer Rights (CRD) (2011/83/EU)
– Specifies e.g. information requirements for distance and non-distance
contracts, withdrawal rights, and rules on delivery and fees
Core message + five key rights for consumers
• Core message ‘The EU empowers consumers’
• Five key rights:
You have the right to truthful advertising
You have the right to have defective goods repaired or replaced
You have the right to contracts without unfair clauses
You have the right to return goods purchased online within 14 days
You have the right to free assistance from European Consumer
Centres for problems with a trader abroad
Main messages for traders
• EU laws make it clearer for both consumers and traders when
buying and selling goods and services
• Benefits for businesses
– clarity on their responsibilities
– higher consumer confidence, especially when buying online or across
Four key rights for traders
• Right to refuse reimbursements until goods are received back
or proof is received that they have been sent back
• Right to claim compensation for the diminished value of
returned goods which have been visibly used
• Traders who have been awarded a quality label have the right
to make a complaint against a competitor who uses the label
without having obtained the necessary autorisation
• Right to modify the terms of a contract provided that
consumers are informed and have been given the possibility
to terminate it

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