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Regional Airline New Hire
Training Perspectives
Preparing the Ab-Initio pilot for the
Regional Airlines
John O’Brien
Delta Connection Academy
Leadership In Flight Training
WATS 2009 Discussion
• Pilot Hiring Projections
• Former military pilots not available
• Furloughed Pilots recall effort falling short
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Leadership In Flight Training
Threats to Pilot Provisioning
Negative Images of the Airline industry
• Airline Financial Crisis
• Public Relations Disaster
• Pilot Lifestyle Expose’
• GFC Impact on Funding Pilot Training
• Competing Career Fields
• Congressional Call to Action - HR 3371, now HR1586
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Leadership In Flight Training
Industry Answers the Call to Action
• Pilot Career Initiatives (PCI) Ad hoc group of
Managers and Executives of:
• Flight Training Academies
• Regional Airlines
• Aviation Colleges and Universities
• Aircraft Manufacturers
• Flight Training Manufacturers
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Leadership In Flight Training
Industry Answers the Call to Action
Weekly conference calls and exchange of documents resulted
in a joint response to the FAA ANPRM 2010-0100
Although a joint response, the stakeholders of PCI submitted
their individual opinions which differed in some areas.
The common goal of all was to provide feedback on the proper
training and skills required to begin a career at a Part 121 air carrier
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Leadership In Flight Training
It is the belief of Delta Connection Academy that the answer to
the question of competence on the flight deck lies in good
foundational training that includes the following elements:
• Flying Skills
• Risk assessment and management
• Aeronautical decision making
• Cockpit Resource and Threat and Error Management
In a structured
Competency Based Program
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Leadership In Flight Training
Pilot Applicant Experience versus Supply
An Inverse Proportion
Hangar Full
Hangar Empty
250 hour pilots without sufficient experience and training placed in regional airlines
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Leadership In Flight Training
Were they prepared for the demanding operating environment
and complex equipment that they were flying?
If not how can we ensure they are ready for the next hiring boom?
Competency based training
that follows proven best practices
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Leadership In Flight Training
Not advocating for USA but many elements
of MPL find their place in the ANPRM
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Leadership In Flight Training
Q – Should all crewmembers engaged in 121 operations have an ATP
(successful written exam, 1500 hours and rating check ride)
A – Do Navy F-18 pilots have 1500 hours
before their first combat mission?
An hourly minimum without specific proven competencies will not
enhance the mission effectiveness of newly hired regional pilots
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Leadership In Flight Training
Q – Are aviation pilot graduates from accredited aviation university
and college degree programs likely to have a more solid academic
knowledge base than other pilots hired for air carrier operations?
A – Charles Lindbergh dropped out of the
University of Wisconsin after 1 ½ years and had a
fairly impressive career in aviation
“to be a member of Congress you don’t have to
have a college degree—but even football players go to college!”
(Jackie Mason)
A solid academic knowledge base can be achieved in any institution that provides
a robust program and students that are capable and excited to learn
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PS - Military flight programs areAerosim
not accredited
Leadership In Flight Training
Q – Should the FAA consider crediting specific academic study in lieu of arbitrary
flight hour requirements, if so what kind of academic study should the FAA accept
A – Academic study without core competency skill training in a
real world environment is like Thanksgiving without the Turkey
Let’s put the student pilot destined for an airline career into
the laboratory of the real world though simulation and
scenario based training coupled with required competency.
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Leadership In Flight Training
Q – How many hours should be required beyond the minimum hours needed to
qualify for a commercial pilot certificate?
A – Was LeBron James ready for the NBA as a 17 year old?
While there is no scientific data to support an hourly minimum,
innate ability, experience and training, will always trump
an imposed minimum. The real answer lies in exposure to
situations in which the pilot will likely find himself in,
and whether or not he is prepared to confront and win in that
DCA supports the formation of an ARC and participation
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by flight training providers
Leadership In Flight Training
Q – Should pilots have an endorsement on their license for
air carrier operations?
A – Emerging licensures (MPL) integrate ab-initio training with
with type training and airline specific qualification. With a proper
endorsement backed by specific competency based flight and
simulator training, and academic coursework that is agreed to
by various stakeholders (FAA, RAA, ATA, ALPA, Flight Training
Organizations), US carriers can be encouraged to hire these
pilots with a great degree of confidence.
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Leadership In Flight Training
• We are on the threshold of a new era in commercial pilot training
• Destined to be the right mix of flight skills, core competencies, and practical knowledge
• Our goal as always will be to provide safe travel to the millions of customers that fly with us
• Only through selfless dedication of individuals can we achieve our goals
• Hats off to those who are willing to participate for our brotherhood of aviation
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