Promoting a Risk-Aware Culture Without Creating a Risk Adverse

Promoting a Risk-Aware Culture
Creating a Risk Averse Climate
FSI Small Group Project Team 4
You Will: The University of Oregon
Team Members
• Focus on communications
– Anna Puhn, CAS
– Riki Saltzman, Oregon Folklife Network
– Stacy Williams-Wright, RIGE
• Focus on mitigation measures
– Mandy Chong, EMU
– Renee Dorjahn, Clark Honors College
– Greg Shabram, Purchasing and Contracting
• Sponsors: Enterprise Risk Management
– Andre LeDuc, Deb Donning
Project Goal
• With passage of SB 242, the OUS can purchase
its own insurance, however…
– UO property damage deductible increased from
$2,500 to $500,000
– Departments still responsible for first $2,500
– OUS needs to fund pool to cover potential losses
How to communicate this change?
How can small departments afford it?
How often do these events occur?
In what campus units do these events occur?
UO Liability and Property Claims
FY07 to FY11
Number of DAS Claims by
Total value of DAS Claims by
Sector (in millions)
Schools &
All Other
Schools &
All Other
Claims and Current Plan
• Claims
Damage to UO vehicle (property, liability)
Building damage (Gerlinger fire)
Theft of UO property
Laboratory accident
Discrimination or employment claim
• Current Plan
– Establish $5,000 deductible on property and liability
for FY14
Communicate the Change
– Who?
• Deans should communicate to departments in ways noted below
• Each department should hold meetings with all relevant faculty,
staff, students
– Vehicles/methods?
• Push this out in as many ways as possible: email, webinars, town
• Make it clear that UO did not create this situation, but is required
to implement it.
• Offer training/classes in mitigating risk
• Offer incentives for those groups that do reduce risk
• Specific suggestions to mitigate risk should be offered—a series
of FAQs would be very useful.
Risk Mitigation
• Establish a clearinghouse of information
– “Go to” portal for webinars on specific topics
• Events and crowd management
• Lab and workplace safety
• Respectful workplace
• Domestic and international travel
• Child abuse and mandatory reporting requirement
• Suicide prevention
– Include city and county trainings (links or host videos)
• Offer a Risk Mitigation Management class
– FSI workshop has most of materials already
– Require employees and students in high risk areas to
take class (i.e. driver safety)
Risk Mitigation (continued)
• Create a UO Risk Management certification
– Get credit in performance reviews
– Use for professional distinction
– “Train the trainer” to offer Risk Mitigation
Management class
• Develop a self-assessment process and form
– Units and programs conduct internally
– Follow up with staff from UO Risk Management
• Create risk mitigation checklists for common
high risk activities
• Implementation Requirements
– Additional staff to assist Risk Management
• Student workers (partner w/Career Center?)
• Interns (Law School students?)
– Expand website and internal training courses
• Benefits
– Departments more aware of risk (and can budget for it)
– Basic risk mitigation steps reduce risk overall
• Gerlinger fire cost $1.5M…buys a lot of staff and training
– Improve/maintain UO reputation (Register-Guard test)
• Questions?

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