Managing Your Literature
Search Using Zotero
Deb Werner
Biomedical Reference Librarian
[email protected]
Overview of Zotero
Install Zotero Standalone + Connector
Set up Online Sync
Save Citations
Use Zotero with Microsoft Word
What is Zotero?
A reference manager that facilitates collecting
and organizing references.
Have you begun your lit
Are you using a reference manager to
save references found in your lit
Which reference manager do
you use?
1. EndNote
2. Mendeley
3. Papers
4. RefWorks
5. Zotero
6. Other
Add-on or Standalone?
 Runs in Firefox
 Compatible with
Firefox only
Add-on or Standalone?
 Runs as a separate
 Compatible with
Firefox, Chrome,
and Safari
Zotero Library
Browser extension
Connects your browser
to the Standalone
Install Zotero
1. Exit Microsoft Word
2. Go to Zotero.org
3. Click
4. Install the Standalone
5. Install the extension
Set Up Online Sync
1. Go to Zotero.org
2. Click to register
(upper right)
3. Create your account
4. Verify your account
5. Launch Zotero Standalone
6. Go to Actions > Preferences > Sync and enter your
account information
Set Up PDF Indexing
1. Go to Actions > Preferences > Search
2. Click Check for Installer
Save Citations
From sites with Zotero translators:
Icon appears in the location bar of your browser
Click to save citations to Zotero
Save Citations
From websites without Zotero translators:
Right-click anywhere
on the page
Click to save to Zotero
Drag & Drop PDFs
Save Citations from PubMed
Save Citations from PubMed –
Multiple Pages
• Select “Send to”
• Select “File”
• Under Format, select “XML”
• Click “Create File” button
• In Zotero, Import file
Zotero with Word – Windows
Found in Add-Ins ribbon
Zotero with Word – Mac
View > Toolbars > Zotero
Use Zotero with Word
• Set citation style
• Add citations: in-text or footnotes
• Add multiple citations
• Update citations & refresh the document
• Insert bibliography
Learn More & Get Help
Zotero Guide: guides.lib.uchicago.edu/zotero
Email your questions or
schedule a consultation
Quick Start Guide
Screencast tutorials
Discussion forums
Do More with Zotero
Add by Identifier – save citations by DOI, ISBN, etc.
Duplicates – find & reconcile duplicate citations
Folders – organize your library
Groups – share citations with collaborators
Notes – take research notes in Zotero
Proxies – configure automatic proxy access
Thank you!
Transfer Citations
Import RIS files:
• Go to Actions > Import
• Select the RIS file

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