Customer Testimonials on PNM Energy Efficiency Programs

PNM Energy Efficiency
Presented to the NMPRC
September 15, 2011
About the PNM Energy
Efficiency Program
Residential Lighting
Refrigerator Recycling
Community CFL
Low-Income Refrigerator Replacement & CFL
Low-Income Energy$mart for Renters
Low- Income Easy Savings
Commercial Comprehensive
•PNM Quick Saver™
PNM Power Saver
•Retrofit Rebate
PNM Peak Saver
•New Construction Rebate
Market Transformation
PNM Quick Saver™
First Nations Community HealthSource
About the Customer
FNCH delivers medical and dental care,
behavioral health, HIV/AIDS prevention and
case management, diabetes education, youth
education and mentoring, homeless outreach
and case management and job coaching – all
of which are delivered regardless of the clients’
ability to pay.
Every dollar the organization saves on
operating costs is another dollar they reinvest
in programs and services for the thousands of
people who depend on them.
About the Project
Removed 149 inefficient T12 lights and
replaced them with energy efficient T8 fixtures
Rebate Received: $11,292.14
Annual kWh savings: 78,853
Average yearly savings: $7,885.28
“Our facility is open more than 60 hours a week, and our lighting was really inefficient. PNM
Quick Saver™ improved our lighting efficiency dramatically, allowing us to immediately start
putting money back into our programs. From finding a contractor to the final inspection, it was
so easy to complete the project with help from PNM.”
-FNCH Development Coordinator Deb Walters
The Power of $8,000
Brian Curley, MPA, Program Manager for Homeless Outreach, provides
monthly bus passes for those who need them
80 homeless adults and/or children can
receive much-needed routine dental care
40 children or adults lacking insurance can
receive medical exams to identify and
address potential health issues
160 individuals without insurance can
receive a year’s worth of free medication
267 people can get to work, school or
medical appointments with their free
monthly bus pass
Retrofit Rebate
Border Foods, Inc.
About the Customer
Border Foods is the world’s largest processor
of Green Chile peppers and the largest U.S.
processor of Jalapeno peppers.
They also manufacture a full assortment of
high-quality, authentic Mexican food products
out of their manufacturing plant in Deming.
About the Project
Removed existing high-bay lighting and
replaced with T5 high-output fixtures and
added motion sensors
Lifetime kWh saved: 326,300
Received $1,836 rebate on the $13,728.33
“The rebate program allowed us to increase our lighting, which increased productivity
and quality through our plant, and helps us save on our energy bill…[This] is a huge
positive for our customers as they are looking for suppliers concerned with green
initiatives. [We thank] PNM for partnering with New Mexico companies.”
-Plant Manager Randy Clark
New Construction Rebate
V. Sue Cleveland High School
Rio Rancho
About the Customer
The building received rave reviews from
students and administrators, and RRPS is
anticipating LEED® Gold certification.
Because the school is focused on the
providing the best-possible learning
environment, students are able to help
collect data required for the LEED
By involving students in the certification
process, they gain firsthand knowledge of
the difference that smart building practices
make, which makes them smarter energy
users now and in the future.
About the Project
Size: 416,000 square feet
Rebate Received: $102,401.30
First Year kWh Savings: 1,024,013 kWh
Annual Cost Savings: $31,440.78
Payback Without Program: 5.8 years
Payback With Program: 4.17 years
About the Project
“Rio Rancho Public Schools has a
collaborative relationship with PNM. I
attended an excellent management
seminar offered by PNM in 2008,
and the information shared during
that event helped us make informed
changes and decisions – including
work done to plan for this facility – in
order to become a more energy
efficient district.”
-RRPS energy/environmental
specialist Elena Kayak
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