State Approved Skills Certificates

NOVEMBER 30, 2011
 State Approved Skills Certificates (SASC) are
intended to provide students who are not pursing a
high school diploma with career specific
employability skills.
 The LDE Connections Process Handbook
recommends students with low TABE scores (less
than 7 on Reading) pursue State Approved Skills
 Student enrollment in State Approved Skills Certificates
programs is based on committee recommendation.
Committee members include:
CTE Teacher
Parent or Guardian
SPED teacher, if applicable
Former mentor, Connections lead teacher, or JAG specialist if
 Student demographics (age, credits, etc) as well as
assessments (LEAP, TABE, WorkKeys) are used as part
of the committee review.
 The 26 SASC currently offered equip students with
the skills necessary to gain employment in entry
level positions in different career clusters.
 The SASCs are based on coursework and
competencies for CTE Industry Based
Certifications (IBCs).
 Administrators, CTE teachers and counselors work
with local businesses, civic organizations and other
community organizations to promote SASC and
encourage opportunities for students to complete
work-based learning clock hours on-site in actual
work-place settings.
 Students complete 90 clock hours of approved work-
based learning (WBL).
 CTE teachers work with student to determine setting
for WBL (on site, off site or simulated in the
 Skills competencies are assessed by CTE teacher in
conjunction with supervisor of WBL activities, if offsite.
 Students have to meet state requirements for
percentages of skills competencies mastered.
SASC competencies are taught by instructors with
IBCs during the regular CTE courses.
 CTE students working towards an IBC as well as
SASC students participate in the same classes.
 Students may earn Carnegie credits for courses if
successfully completing all requirements of the
teacher and seat time. It is not required that credit be
awarded for the course for successful completion of
the SASC.
 Students are enrolled into Career and Technical
Education courses corresponding with the State
Approved Skills Certificate Course Codes.
 Number of hours/blocks per day are determined by
committee recommendations.
 A student who gets a SASC does count as a drop out;
however, skills certificates do gain points towards
the graduation index. (60 points per student)

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