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Mississippi Principal
Evaluation System (MPES)
2014-2015 Circle Survey Training
November 2014
Goals for Today’s
1. What is the MPES?
2. Circle Survey overview
3. How to access and complete the
4. Circle Survey results
What Is
the MPES?
The Mississippi Principal Evaluation System
(MPES) is a measure of principal performance:
• Overseen by the MDE’s Office of Educator
• Developed to meet federal requirements as part
of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
(ESEA) Flexibility Waiver
• Mandated for all head principals, CTE directors,
assistant principals, alternative-school principals,
and special-school principals
MPES, Cont.
Administrators are rated on:
• Two schoolwide goals – ELA and
mathematics (for CTE directors, goals are
set based on Year 1 students and Year 2
• Two organizational goals – determined at
the local level
• Circle Survey
Goals (2)
Circle Survey
The Circle Survey is:
• A multi-rater tool administered by MSU’s
Research & Curriculum Unit for the MDE
• Provided to all districts free of charge
• 3 equally weighted components
1) Certified staff feedback (33% of overall survey
2) Principal self evaluation (33% of overall survey
3) Supervisor evaluation (33% of overall survey score)
Circle Survey
Overview, Cont.
• Survey contains 30 leadership indicators divided into 6
• Each indicator is equally weighted
• Indicators were developed and screened by multiple
focus groups consisting of educators throughout the
• Indicators align with the MS Standards for School
• Indicators are available on the MDE’s website
• Average survey response time was 8 minutes last year
Circle Survey
Overview, Cont.
The Circle Survey is REQUIRED by the MDE for
all districts in 2014-2015.
• Other tools, such as the VAL-ED, may NOT be used
in place of the Circle Survey for the MPES.
• Your district may ask you to complete a tool such as
the VAL-ED in ADDITION to the Circle Survey.
Circle Survey
Overview, Cont.
Key Dates
Dec. 1:
Dec. 1:
Jan. 31:
Mar. 31:
Apr. 30:
Districts receive Circle Survey codes
Circle Survey opens
Circle Survey closes
Circle Survey reports issued
Circle Survey Conference completed,
Circle Survey Conference report and
MPES form filed in personnel file, and
Circle Survey Conference date
reported in ELMS
To Access
the Survey
• Your district will be issued a website address
and a list of randomly generated key codes for
distribution to certified staff
– Full- and part-time certified staff (e.g., teachers,
counselors, librarians) are eligible to participate
• Certified staff members will go to the website
provided by MDE and type in their key codes
• Survey requires only a computer with Internet
To Access
the Survey, Cont.
• Survey requires respondents to acknowledge that they
must be certified staff members
• Survey requires respondents to verify their district and
the name of the administrator being evaluated
• This year’s survey does NOT have “save and continue”
functionality. If you begin a survey and cannot finish it,
just close it and start again using the same key code.
• Your first completed survey response will be kept;
incomplete surveys and duplicates will be automatically
To Access
the Survey, Cont.
You will NOT be asked to provide artifacts
when completing the survey. Survey tools of
this nature are inherently qualitative and,
therefore, subjective—with or without
• However, at the end of the survey, you will be able to
type in feedback for the administrator. These
comments are optional and not included in an
administrator’s score.
To Access
the Survey, Cont.
A certified staff member should complete the Circle Survey
for the school administrator(s) who oversees the staff
member’s performance.*
*E.g., All certified staff should complete the Circle Survey
for the head principal. Additionally, if an assistant principal
oversees a certain grade (e.g., 7-8th grade teachers only)
or a select subgroup of teachers (e.g., math and science
teachers only), then those certified staff should complete
his/her Circle Survey. If the assistant principal’s role is
schoolwide, then all certified staff in the school should
complete the Circle Survey for the assistant principal.
*E.g., All CTE teachers should complete the Circle Survey
on the CTE director.
To Access
the Survey, Cont.
• Certified staff members evaluating multiple
administrators (e.g., head principal and asst.
principal) will be given multiple access codes
(one code per administrator)
To Access
the Survey, Cont.
The MDE’s expectation is that all certified staff
overseen by an administrator will participate in the
administrator’s Circle Survey. The MDE recognizes
that some certified staff may wish to “opt out” of the
survey (e.g., certified staff who have been employed at
the school for fewer than 60 calendar days), and the
MDE recommends that these staff members be
permitted to “opt out,” if requested. However, all staff
must be given the opportunity to participate.
• No minimum staff n-count
• No minimum staff participation rate, but the number of
staff who complete the survey for each MPES
participant will be reported to the MPES participant
To Access
the Survey, Cont.
• Principals will have no way of knowing
(based on the survey results) if you
completed the survey or not
• No identifying information is requested in
the survey—consider that comments you
type will be reported exactly as they are
typed and may be identifiable depending
on what you type
To Access
the Survey, Cont.
The RCU takes Circle Survey
confidentiality very seriously.
To Access
the Survey, Cont.
District officials (not MPES participants themselves) should
assist schools in distributing the codes to certified staff
• Certified staff data are filtered automatically by each
administrator and reported to the MDE and district
administrators in aggregate only.
• A certified staff member’s individual responses are
never reported by the RCU to districts or the MDE.
• Names corresponding with key codes are never
received by the RCU.
• Schools are encouraged to use the fishbowl method
to ensure random distribution of key codes.
Circle Survey
• District superintendents will receive detailed reports with
Circle Survey scores in March.
• District superintendents are responsible for ensuring
these reports are distributed to MPES participants.
• Let’s view a sample report.
Circle Survey
Please direct Circle Survey questions
to the RCU.
RCU Helpdesk
[email protected]
General MPES
[email protected]
Lisa White, Ed.S.
[email protected]
[email protected]

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