S-TEAM (Support Teams)

Presentation by Tech Prep of the Rio Grande Valley, Inc.
October 2010
What Is an S-TEAM?
• An S-TEAM is an interdisciplinary campus-based
support Team whose mission is to:
– Enhance career counseling for students and parents by
explaining opportunities through Tech Prep programs of
– Promote career & technical education (CTE) blended
with rigorous academic instruction, and
– Serve as a liaison team, working with the campus
leadership team in support of Tech Prep implementation
– Expedite implementation of Tech Prep strategies,
programs, and activities such as labor market
information, project-based learning, integration of
instruction in academics and CTE, and comprehensive
college and career counseling and College and Career
Readiness Standards
Who Is the S-TEAM?
• The S-TEAM is comprised of a minimum of 10
members, as follows:
– An S-TEAM Leader appointed by the Principal and
approved by the Superintendent
– One or more administrators
– One or more counselors
– One or more CTE teachers
– Four or more core subject teachers
– One or more At-Large members (a student, a parent, or
What Is the S-TEAM Leader’s Role?
• The S-TEAM Leader
– Serves as the primary contact for Tech Prep staff
– Serves as a liaison who “carries the Tech Prep message”
to the S-TEAM and the campus
– Ensures that students are provided with information
about Tech Prep opportunities
– Works with campus staff to ensure PEIMS coding of
Tech Prep students is accurate and that the campus is
fully utilizing the CATEMA system
The S-TEAM Leader’s Role (cont.)
– Coordinates Tech Prep Texas Scholars and Dr. Lauro F.
Cavazos Tech Prep Scholarship activities on campus
– Participates in S-TEAM Leaders’ meetings hosted by
Tech Prep
– Facilitates S-TEAM Meetings and trainings on campus
(sign-in sheets and agendas required)
– Coordinates and participates in Job Shadowing activities
coordinated by Tech Prep
– Participates, and makes sure other S-TEAM members
participate, in Tech Prep’s annual Regional Conference
– Regularly checks Tech Prep’s website
(www.techprepRGV.com) and reports to others as
– Submits reports when and as required
2010-2011 Tech Prep S-TEAMS
S-TEAMs Operating Under Contracts:
– Edinburg CISD: Economedes High School, Edinburg High
School & Edinburg North High School
– Harlingen CISD: Harlingen High School & Harlingen South
High School
– Hidalgo ISD: Hidalgo High School
– La Joya ISD: Juarez/Lincoln High School, La Joya High
School, & Palmview High School
– Mercedes ISD: Mercedes High School
– Mission CISD: Veterans Memorial High School
– Rio Grande City CISD: Rio Grande City High School
– Santa Maria ISD: Santa Maria High School
– Sharyland ISD: Sharyland High School
– Valley View ISD: Valley View High School
– Weslaco ISD: Weslaco High School
2010-2011 Tech Prep S-TEAMS
S-TEAMs Operating Under Memorandums of Understanding
Donna ISD: Donna High School
La Villa ISD: Whole-District Team
Los Fresnos CISD: Los Fresnos High School
Lyford CISD: Lyford High School
McAllen ISD: McAllen High School, Memorial High School,
Nikki Rowe High School
Mission CISD: Mission High School
PSJA ISD: PSJA High School, PSJA Memorial High School,
PSJA North Early College High School
Roma ISD: Roma High School
San Benito CISD: San Benito High School
Weslaco ISD: Weslaco East High School
2010-2011 S-TEAM
Deliverables and Timelines
DUE October
12, 2010
DUE November
3, 2010
DUE December
3, 2010
DUE April 22,
DUE May 6, 2011
Signed Contracts
for Districts
Operating Under
Forms (Contract
and MOU
teams—no free
registration after
Interim Success
Indicators Report
Final Success
Indicators Report
Authorization for
payment (For
contract S-TEAMS
S-TEAM Leader
Signed MOUs for
S-TEAM Campus
Plan (Contracts)
S-TEAM Campus
Plan (MOUs)
Best Practice
Contract S-TEAMs
Members’ List
NOTE: Most forms can be downloaded from http://www.TechPrepRGV.com.
In Closing
• Tech Prep S-TEAMs have operated in the Rio
Grande Valley continuously since 1996
• For additional information, contact:
S-TEAM Leader:
(Name, Phone, Email)
Tech Prep Coordinator:
Dr. Belinda Torres
956.364.4509 or 1.800.852.8784 ext. 4509
[email protected]

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