you are in this year

Class of 2017
Your card choices
 Remember in 8th grade, you made a four year plan.
This is where these classes came from.
 Some of these classes will need to change.
 To make a change, draw a line through the course and
write in the new choice to the side.
 You must have 8 periods to have a full schedule. You
may need to add or subtract classes to get to 8.
Remember Your Sophomore Conference!
 In October/November, we met with you to talk about
the classes you should be taking in junior year.
What courses are offered at
 Check the back of your schedule card to see what
classes will be offered to juniors at CHS.
What is available on line?
 The course guide
 The CTE application
 CTE Video
 This powerpoint
 Go to
Full year and one term classes
 Look on the back of your card. If the course has a * by
it, this class meets for one semester only. Place it in
one box on your card and choose another * class for
the same box. You need 2 * classes to fill each box to
make 1.0 credit on your schedule.
 If it does not have a *, it meets all year.
PreAP and AP Classes
 You do receive additional weight points for these
classes, and colleges like to see these on your
transcript if you do well.
 You should consult with your teachers and see if
they agree that PreAP/AP classes are right for you.
 Talk with your counselor and your parents.
 All PAP and AP students must complete the entire first
6 weeks before a drop to regular will be considered.
 The grade you have at the end of the first 6 weeks in
the PAP or AP class will be the grade on your report
card and will follow you to the on-level class if you
CTE Pathways
 Agriculture Sciences
 Health Science
 Architecture &
 Hospitality & Tourism
Arts, AV Technology &
Business Management &
Education & Training
Financial Systems
 Information Technology
 Law, Public Safety &
 Marketing, Sales & Service
 Science, Technology,
Engineering &
CTE Center
 Classes taught at CTE are in bold on back of
 Transportation will be provided if you do not have
your own.
 The CTE Center is located near the college on
Wade Blvd.
 There are fees for many of the classes there.
 There are prerequisites for many classes- check the
course guide online.
 First period starts at 8:45 AM, and 4th period ends
at 4:25 PM.
Double Blocked Classes
 Several classes at the CTE center are double
blocked. These courses are highlighted in
gray on the back of your card.
 If you sign up for one of these classes, you
must write it in 2 boxes on your card.
CTE Application Needed- Apply online at CTE site
 Marketing Dynamics
 Practicum in Education
 Child Guidance
 Culinary Arts 1,2
 Health Science 2,3
 Practicum in Vet Med
 Sports Management
 Practicum in Local Government
Deadline to apply is March 15th.
 ISM students need to pick up an application in the
counseling office.
 DO NOT put ISM on your card. If you get accepted,
we will add the class to your schedule for you.
 See Mr. Pirtle in A116 on B Days if you have
Other Special Programs Needing
Trainer/Sports Medicine (pick up in counseling office)
Yearbook (See Ms. Kline in B119)
TV broadcast year 2 and 3 (see Ms. Gross in B101)
Partners PE (pick up in counseling office)
Teen Leadership 2 (see Mr. Campbell in B123)
Courses needing teacher approval.
 AP Studio Art
 Theater III-IV
 Tech Theater III-IV
 Theater Productions (requires audition)
 Academic Decathlon
 Debate and Oral Interp
Just sign up, and the teacher will approve you later.
 All sports take up two places on your card (unless you
have talked to your coach about single blocked).
 This means it should be listed twice on your card
(football, volleyball, etc).
 If you are in one of the top bands, band takes up two spots on your
card. Your card should show Band Master and Instrumental Band
 If you are in a lower band, it will only take up only one spot on your
card. It is single blocked. Your card should show Band Master only.
 Make the change on your card now to reflect the number of band
periods you are in this year. Tryouts happen in May, and we will change
you then if needed. If you are unsure on how to complete your card,
see your band director for help.
Early Release/Late Arrival
 You can only sign up for early release/late
arrival if you have enough credits.
 Early Release/Late Arrival are not looked upon
favorably by competitive colleges.
 You earn no rank points and no credit for ER/LA.
 Just write ER or LA on your card in one box (every other
day) or in two boxes(every day).
 You must leave the building immediately if you are
taking an early release. This means you need a car or a
ride home!!
Aide Positions
 Aide positions are limited.
 Write “Office Aide” or “Teacher Aide” or “Library
Aide” on your card. Then, you must find a teacher
or staff member who needs an aide and get them
to sign your card.
 Aide positions earn no rank points or credit and
are not considered favorably by colleges.
Plan Carefully
Some classes have pre-requisites. Consult
your course guide and plan your schedule
Examples of pre-requisites:
You must take Digital Graphics before you
can take Animation.
You must take Intro to Culinary before you
can take Culinary Arts 1.
This is very important for CTE classes!
Pay Attention to what you must first take in order to
get to your ultimate goal!
No Elective Changes!
 We hire teachers and order textbooks in the spring
based on the courses you choose now. You cannot
change your electives in the fall.
 After schedule verification (April 17), you will not be
allowed to make any elective changes to your schedule.
This also includes your back up elective choices.
Approved Changes
 The first two weeks of each semester, the only reason
for a schedule change is for program changes.
 Programs are things like athletics, band, colorguard,
 All program changes must be completed by the end of
week 2.
Course Load
 You must take at least SIX classes as a junior.
 You cannot have an early release if you are behind in
credits. Use is not looked upon favorably by
competitive colleges.
Initial your card now!
 Please locate the box that talks about the policy
regarding schedule changes.
 Please read the statement and initial that box now.
Are these on your card?
 English 3
 Math
 Science
 US History
Have you finished these courses yet?
 Foreign language- 2-3 years: Competitive colleges are looking for year 3
on your transcript!
 PE- 1 year
 Health and Speech
 One Technology class (BIM, DIM, DGA, Computer Science,
Webmastering, Computer Maintenance, TV Broadcast, Yearbook, Intro
to Engineering, Architectural design, Journalism, Photojournalism
 Fine Art class (Art, Theater, Technical Theater, Choir, Band, Orchestra,
Dance, Elements of Floral Design, Music Theory, Art History, DGA)
Back up classes
 Complete the alternate elective boxes. Please list four
choices in order of preference. We use the alternates if your
first choice does not work. Choose carefully! You cannot
change these after schedule verification!
 Please choose some one semester back-ups and some full
year back-ups.
 We will pick these FOR YOU if you don’t. You might not
like what we pick, and we will not allow you to change
Next Steps
 You have one week to get your parent signature
and complete your choices.
 February 11th and 12th you will need to bring your
completed card to ENGLISH class. You will be
meeting with your counselor that day and turning
in your card.
 If you do not turn in a card, we will pick your
classes for you, and you can’t change them!
Who is my counselor?
 A-CL- Ms. Clair [email protected]
 Co-Hi- Ms. Smith [email protected]
 Ho-Mc- Ms. Wilson [email protected]
 Me-Sb- Ms. Marshall [email protected]
 Sc-Z Ms. Puente [email protected]
 Use Family Connection to send us an email!

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