Supervision and Coordination Credential

Supervision and
Donna Shea, Program Coordinator/Adviser
[email protected]
O Accredited by:
O California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
O National Council on Accreditation of Teacher
Education (NCATE)
O Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
O Apply credential courses toward a B.A., B.S. or M.A.
degree in Education, in Career and Technical Studies.
O Faculty have national & international reputation as
leaders in education.
O Save thousands of dollars each year compared to a
private university.
O Complete credential courses in one quarter on-line
Administrative Opportunities
Preparation for Supervision and Coordination of
Career and Technical, occupational, and
vocational programs
High School ROP
Adult Education
Correctional Education
Community College
Private Post-Secondary Career and Technical
Employer Education Departments
Credential Requirements
O Possession of a Clear Designated Subjects Teaching
O Three years of full-time teaching experience under a
Designated Subjects Teaching Credential
O Requirements apply only to candidates applying for
the credential to teach in high school, adult education,
and correctional education.
O Requirements do not apply to candidates interested in
Community College, Private Post-Secondary Career
and Technical, Employer Education Departments
Courses Required
1. ECTS 508. Organization of Designated
Subjects Programs (4)
2. ECTS 509. Personnel Management in D.S.
Programs (4)
3. ECTS 510. Field Work in Designated
Subjects Programs (4)
4. Successful completion of the California
Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST).
What Coursework Involves
O Administrative-type assignments collected into
a portfolio.
O Working with a qualified local on-site
administrator in either an ROP, adult education,
community college or correctional facility.
O Completion of a 40 hours administrative
O Grant proposal writing.
Admission Process
1. File a Visiting Student Transitory application
2. Include a non-refundable $55 application
fee (check, money order, credit card or atm)
3. Contact program coordinator for advising
and program plan.
A Final Note
Simply completing the course work does not mean
that a person is qualified to become a vocational
program administrator. In addition to the course
work and teaching experience specified above,
candidates seeking administrative positions must
be able to demonstrate advanced organizational
skills, the ability to interact effectively with people
of widely diverse backgrounds, a superior work
ethic, unwavering integrity, a well developed sense
of humor and a genuine commitment to do the
best job possible!
For More Information
Donna Shea, Program Coordinator
(909) 537-5679
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site:
CTE Web site:

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