Children and Families Bill

Children and Families Bill
where are we now?
Julie Jennings
Manager, Children, Young People and
Families Team
Definitions and scope
We welcomed
• the extension of LA responsibilities to a wider
group of CYP with SEND
• application of the new legal framework directly to
academies and free schools
• closely involving CYP and parent carers in
decisions that affect them
Definitions and scope
• the Bill should explicitly include disabled CYP
including those with long term health conditions
who may have health and social care needs but
not SEN
• early years provision should cover the PVI sector
and home-based support
So what now
• The government, following lobbying by SEC and
EDCM laid down an amendment to include
disabled CYP without SEN
• Home based support gets a stronger reference in
COP, especially SI, but still concerns about the
PVI sector and naming them in a plan
Local integration and information
We welcomed
• the emphasis on joint working and co-operation
across services
• stronger duties on health, social care and
education to review and commission services
Local integration and information
• there need to be clear links between children's
trust arrangements and Health and Wellbeing
Board duties
• accountability needs to be clear - not left to
So what now
• Joint planning and commissioning has been
strengthened with a joint ministerial letter
(DfE/DH) and COP recommendation on regional
planning especially for low incidence groups
• Accountability is still an issue for parents and YP Government announced 2 year funding for
Independent Supporters to support CYPF during
Local offer
We welcomed
• the principle of a local offer
• the local offer includes a wider range of services
such as employment
Local offer
• there needs to be an underpinning duty to provide
what is set out in the offer
• some form of national framework should inform
the development of each local offer
So what now
• The Government agreed to a change that
strengthens the requirement to publish actions on
parents' comments on what is set out in the local
• There is a national framework for what a local
offer should contain, but not the format
EHC assessment and plan
We welcomed
• the concept of a single assessment process and
multiagency plan from birth to 25 years
• extension of statutory entitlements into FE,
including training, apprenticeships and, in certain
circumstances, YP who are NEET
• recent statement on new health duties
EHC assessment and plan
• CYP with health and care needs should be able to
access an assessment and plan, where
• extension of statutory entitlements to include HE
• there should be duties on social care services to
deliver what is set out in EHC plans with a single
point of appeal for parents and young people
So what now
• CYP with long term conditions and no SEN are
unlikely to get an EHC plan - their requirements
will be set out in a care plan
• There are stronger statements about HE in COP
• The duty on health to deliver what is in the plan is
good, and there is a stronger duty on social care
through the CSDP Act
• There will be a pilot to test a single point of
complaints and appeals processes
Outstanding issues
• General principle of presumption for inclusion not
just rights of individual child
• Special academies to admit children without EHC
• VI Registers
• Mandatory qualification
Mandatory qualification
• 2009 letter on MQ now included in a note in the
• Other statements strengthen access to specialist
support, including QTVI
• Review of MQ by DfE, NCTL and NatSIP
- Phase 1 updating spec for existing providers,
including reviewing the outcomes
- Phase 2 other providers
Context of the reforms
• Capacity of LAs to deliver with deepening cuts to
frontline services
• Funding changes from 1 April 2013 in early years,
schools and FE
• NC review and its assessment and changes to
primary and secondary accountability
• Ofsted consultation on inspection of specialist
Ofsted self evaluation
It is likely to include
Joint commissioning
Local offer
Social care needs
Personal budgets
Transition to EHC plans
The area’s focus on early intervention
Ofsted self evaluation
End of January
• Finalize SET and contact local areas and
providers to be involved
• Request to local areas to complete SET
• Visits to colleges and schools
Ofsted self evaluation
• Initial analysis, including identification of areas for
good practice visits
• Good practice visits to LAs
• Good practice dissemination event for LAs
What could it mean for VI services?
• Using a single assessment framework and
education, health and care plan
• Involvement in personal budgets and direct
• Framing a local offer for VI support
• Understanding funding models
• Different relationship for LAs
• More open market for specialist advice
• Focus on outcomes
And what's next?
• Royal Assent by 21 March
• Consideration of secondary legislation
(regulations) and SEND COP
• Phased implementation?
Early years
Preparing for adulthood
• High aspirations need to be set at an early
age…even when a child is very young…families
need to know that they can go on to find work, live
independently, with whatever support they need,
and participate in their community.
From September 2014……
' the biggest reforms for 30 years' for
Thank you!
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