Supporting (Troubled) Families in Hampshire Hampshire and

Public Health Hampshire
Commissioning Locally Enhanced
Services – the proposed new contract
• Welcome
• New Commissioner
• Same Services
New Contract
Mustafa Kachwalla
Hampshire Legal Services
New Contract
• A bit of history –LES contracts, PH Contract
• Structure – Part A, B and Schedule 1
New Contract
Some key points
• Services Specs (Sch 1)
• How long? – One year plus up to one year
extension (Cl. A2)
• Payment Arrangements – 4 weekly cycle (Cl
New Contract
Some more key points
• Information: Cl. B14.4
• Contract Management (Cl. B28 & B29) and
termination (Cl. B32)
• Insurance: corporate standard (Cl. B27)
• Indemnities (Cl. B25) and Warranties (Cl.
New Contract
Next Steps
• Consultation period: 22/12/13
• Contract finalised in Jan 2014
• Issue of Contracts: Feb 2014 supported by
revised specs
• Completion checklists to assist
• Website
NHS Health Checks
Robert Pears
Public Health Department
Hampshire County Council
NHS Health Checks
• Price remain the same
• Minor changes to improve quality and
data collection
Sexual Health Enhanced Services
Rob Carroll & Kate Donohoe
Public Health Department
Hampshire County Council
Sexual Health Enhanced Services
GP Chlamydia Screening
Pharmacy EHC
Pharmacy Chlamydia Testing Kits &
Condom Distribution
• Pharmacy Chlamydia Treatment
Sexual Health Enhanced Services
• Payment to be in arrears and
• Format of the specification- different look but
substantially the same
• Other key change: GP Chlamydia - payment
structure to incentivise
Public Health Department

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