ALE2015 Un-conference
26-28 August
Do you want to contribute to the Agile and Lean community and connect
with the most enthusiastic Agile and Lean People who value continuous
improvement, learning and adding value?
If so, then we, as members of the Agile Lean Europe (ALE) network, would
like to invite you to become valued sponsors of the 5th annual ALE unconference to be held in August 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Join us and around 300 Agile and Lean practitioners including developers,
testers, leaders, managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, trainers,
coaches and other enthusiasts.
ALE is a community of like-minded people who want to work, talk and
have fun together to create a better Agile and Lean community in Europe.
Since 2011, volunteers from the ALE network are organizing an
un-conference in order to meet old and new friends, exchange opinions
and learn.
So far, the event was held in Berlin (2011), Barcelona (2012) and
Bucharest (2013), Krakow (2014) . This year it is hosted on 26-28 August in
the beautiful Sofia, Bulgaria
ALE is different than other conferences, being:
• Self-organizing un-conference: the participants co-create the event
• Completely non-profit
• Focused to keep our families together: includes kids & spouse program
• Thoroughly international: in 2014 we hosted people from 17 countries,
not only from Europe
• Every year hosted in a different European city and organized by
different enthusiasts
• Self-sustaining for over four years without any formal structures or
“If there's something I found amazing in each
ALE201x is that all participants we were
sharing the same experience across the
event. There are no speakers, no attendants,
just networkers. Everyone is responsible for
the success or not of the event, and everyone
put the best of her/him on it. I always feel
generosity, humility, courage and wisdom
from the people creating together an
ALE201x. And I feel it matters.”
Jaume Jornet, ALE Member
ALE 2015 Sponsorship Packages
Logo on the web page
Thank you note (opening and closing talks)
Logo on the badges
Logo in ALE2015 book
last page
last page
first page
Additional info about company in ALE2014 book
½ of A5
Sponsor-provided gifts in a conference bag
up to 1
up to 2
up to 2
Sponsor’s logo or name in communication:
e-mails, Twitter, Facebook
Sponsor-provided flyer in bag (1 item)
up to A5
up to A4
Roll-up in the hall
Free tickets
(1 x 2m)
up to double
A4 (folded)
(2 x 3m)
Prize draw at the main stage (max 30 sec)
Price (Euro NET)
750-1 999
2 000-4 499
4 500+
Other Sponsorship Opportunities
After Party Sponsor
Awesome party for all participants with your branding
Branding, including roll-up banner
Drinks coupons with your logo
3 min party opening talk
Information about party in communication, on agenda and
during opening session
• Plus everything included in Friend Sponsorship Package
(including logo in conference materials)
• Minimum Price: 2 000 EUR NET
Video Recording Sponsor
• All recording of the main stage sessions
• Full Screen Logo at the video start and end for 5 seconds
• Price: 1000 EUR NET
Exclusive Gift Sponsor
• Sponsor gift with your logo and information about ALE2015.
Then just look for them around Sofia.
• T-shirts:
2 000 EUR NET
• Bags:
1 500 EUR NET
• Mugs:
1 000 EUR NET
• Notepads and Pens:
Conference Room Sponsor
• Conference room with your company name
• Visible at schedule in conference books and web page
• Price: 500 EUR NET
Even Greater Ideas
Ticket Competition Conquest
Sponsor the tickets that will be used as prizes in a contest(s) among
people interested in participation at ALE2015. Conquest will be
promoted by ALE2015 communication channels (email, twitter,
facebook, web page, posts at discussion groups).
Coffee breaks and Lunch Sponsorship
Sponsor one of the coffee breaks of lunch break and make it
Kids and Spouse Program Sponsorship
ALE un-conference is a networking event. Thus we’re suggesting all
participant to come with their spouses and kids. You can sponsor
the whole event or one of the activity. I’m sure you will be
remembered well.
Activity Sponsorship
Not just discussion. We’re planning to spend our time well in Sofia.
You can promote yourself by sponsoring any specific activity,
including trips or participation in cultural event for all, or selected
group of participants.
Your Great Idea
Do you have idea for promoting your organization at ALE2015? Do
not hesitate to contact us.
Contact Dimitar Bakardzhiev
[email protected]
See you in Sofia at ALE
About ALE Community
• ALE is about practitioners, not listening to thought
• We do stuff. We make something. We take action.
• We learn from the experience of other industries too,
not just IT
• We’re completely non-profit
• The movement has sustained itself for over four years
without any need of formal structures or
• 2800 members on LinkedIn, and still growing

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