Iowa*s Disability Employment Initiative

Iowa’s Disability Employment
Iowa Employer’s Council
DOL’s Intent with DEI
 To enhance the capability of the Workforce
Center Systems to serve and include people with
disabilities in the workforce of the communities
in which they live.
 It is the intent that the One-Stop System is fully
accessible to people with disabilities and that the
services are responsive to them.
Department of Labor - WIA
 Participate in a seamless system of services -
address the “disconnects”
 Fully include people with disabilities in the work
 Facilitate the capacity of partner expertise to
become resources to others in serving “common”
customers, and sharing positive outcomes
Building on Our Foundation
 Collaborative Planning and
Demonstration Grants
 Navigator Initiative
 SSA Benefits Planning
 Integration Model
 Ticket to Work
Strategies for Iowa RWIBs
 Enhanced Partnerships
 Integrated Resource Teams
 Innovative Practices
 Increased Financial Literacy
 Greater Access to Services through Technology and
Integrated Offices
 Greater Inclusion in Mainstream Services such as NCRC and
Skilled Iowa Initiative
 Disability Subject Matter Expert
Key Players
 State Partner Agencies
 Regional Workforce Investment Boards
 Local Leadership Teams
 Disability Subject Matter Expert
 Iowans with Disabilities
Implementation Steps
 Select 5 “Study” Regions – out of 11 Regions that
expressed interest
 Meet with RWIBs and Develop Local Leadership
 Focus Groups with Job Seekers with Disabilities
 Coordination with Similar Disability Initiatives
 Ongoing Oversight and Adjustments
Study Regions
 Disability Subject Matter Experts
 Technical Assistance with National and State
 Explore New Community Partnerships and use of
Innovative Practices
 Flexible Funding to Support use of Innovative
Practices and address access with technological
Expected Outcomes
 More Iowans with Disabilities are Working
 Demonstrated by Project Data
 Demonstrated by WIA Data
 Demonstrated by Integration Data
 Documentation of Effective Use of Employment Practices
with Iowans who have not used the One-Stop Before
 Increased Collaborative Response by the Service System
 Sustainable Change through:
 Partnerships
 Practice, and
 Ticket to Work
Leadership and Process
 State Leadership Team
 Technical Assistance and Training with Local Leadership
 Problem Solving
 On the watch for new opportunities
 Total Quality Improvement
 Replication and Sustainability
 Local Process
 Agreement with RWIBs
 Establish Local Leadership Teams
 Implement DEI Strategies
Added Focus
 Increased Access with Technology
 Mobility Management
 Increased Access for Deaf Iowans
 Increased Business Partnerships
Mobility Management
 Establish Agreement with Iowa Association of Regional Councils
 Statewide Mobility Manager will facilitate Transportation planning
for Pilot Region Workforce Investment Boards
 Statewide Mobility Manager will engage the Mobility Managers in
Sioux City and Des Moines areas to support planning
 Mobility Managers will assist Job Seekers with Disabilities in
problem solving around transportation
 DEI State Leadership and ITCC requests assistance of Mobility
Managers in clarifying and quantifying transportation barriers
Other Concurrent Initiatives
 Employment First State Leadership Mentoring Project
 Iowa Coalition for Integrated Employment
 Money Follows the Person

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