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Gordon Shevlin
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Allgress, Inc.
Allgress Solutions
Allgress’ solutions automate the
management process of proactively
identifying security exposures and
compliance deficiencies to reduce the
potential of financial and
reputational risk.
With Allgress you can identify,
mitigate threats and justify
resources, in a few weeks instead of
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Customer Challenges Addressed
• Automate manual processes to improve
efficiency, complexity and resource utilization
• Improve decision making by providing a
enterprise-wide view of risk easily understood
by all key stakeholders
• Quickly identify exposures to prioritize
mitigation efforts to reduce loses
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Allgress Approach
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Use Case
Dave Cullinane
CEO, Security Starfish
Previous CISO, eBay
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• Give the buyer and seller confidence to do
business with us
• Automate the process of proactively
understanding and managing our risk posture
• Provide a business relevant picture of our risk
posture so the CFO could understand to get the
funding I required to protect against
reputational and financial risk
Analyze Your Risk by Business Relevance and Asset
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• Instant view of infosec risks
• Quick time to value
• Decisions aligned with business priorities
• Justify expenditures and resources
Visit us in the exhibit area so we can discuss
how to reduce your cyber exposure
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Contact Information
Gordon Shevlin, Founder,
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]
Jeff Kushner, VP Marketing
[email protected]
Visit us at:

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