Aroma working group

Aroma working group
• John Collins – Gerber-Emig
• Roland Gissinger – Jus de Fruits
• Antonio Goncalves – LDC
• Martin Greeve – AIJN
• David Hammond – Eurofins
• Jan Hermans – AIJN
• Mikko Hofsommer – GFL
• Adisa Laisi – Givaudan
• Geoff Marshall-Hill – Givaudan
• Delphine Masson – Coca-Cola
• Haike Mintjes – Refresco
• Karl Neuhauser – Eckes
• Rick Sabiran – LDC
• Edgar Zimmer - Bucher
Aroma working group
• 14 participants
• Objectives
– Actions from previous meeting
– Impact from the revision of the juice directive
– Response to UNIJUS comments
– Final recommendations
Aroma working Group
• David Hammond to collect references from the
group and summarise technical data.
• Studies are taking place in Germany on evaluating
and organoleptic method for assessment
• Majority in favour of the proposed values
• Those with reservations will keep an open mind
pending the review of data (otherwise the
process would stop)
• If included in the COP would be included in the B
Aroma working group
• Current juice directive revision has optional
– This will allow flexibility for technical limitations
– Not the expectation from the commission that
aromas where used will be removed
– Industry will have a standard for self regulation
• The AIJN aroma guideline was revised.

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