Green Business Toolkit

Production Phase
Reducing waste, saving money
“Find pollution or waste and you’ve found something
you’ve paid for that you can’t sell.” Peter Coors,
CEO, Coors Brewing Company,1992
“If it’s filling your dumpster, it’s costing you money.”
Paul Fitzgibbons, Web Atlantic,
Every stage in production is a possible waste source.
Every stage holds potential profits.
Review the production process
Monitor the supply chain
Analyze delivery
Scrutinize storage
Examine the
path to the
Evaluate packaging
Create waste map
Tour the
production facility
Green production
Implement a waste reduction and resource
recovery plan
Upgrade old inefficient equipment
Train staff to be energy and resource conscious
Mistake-proof equipment
Reduce energy demand
Stop energy leakages
Green production, continued
Find local product sources
Share resources
Reuse production components
Implement critical maintenance schedule
Start an employee awareness program
Reduce production wastes
Look for alternative materials that are
environmentally friendly
Green production--continued
Find alternate energy sources
Monitor delivery and return damaged goods
Create more economical packaging
Reduce inventory
Recycle wherever possible
Look for complementary products
Production - Cradle to Cradle
Cradle to cradle design plans for end use and
restoration of product materials to the environment .
Life Cycle Cost Accounting and other related
accounting procedures consider all costs associated
with a product from the raw materials stage to final
disposal or disassembly.
Where environmental stewardship or extended
producer responsibility programs are in place, the
company must consider costs that may not be part of
the company’s expenses until some time in the future.
Implementing a waste management
Write a mission statement
Be clear about goals
Be sure employees are aware of your goals
Consider an energy audit
Maintain current data on quantities of waste and
energy use in each section of your business
Implement an employee awareness and reward
Monitor and evaluate progress

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