is the spotlight of the meeting by acting as
host and conducting the entire program.
must be prepared by knowing the agenda
and functionary responsibilities.
Presiding Officer...
introduces the functionaries and speakers,
presents the awards, then returns control
to the Presiding Officer.
ensures everything is ready for the
General Evaluator...
calls the meeting to order on time!
introduces the evaluators.
sets the tone for the meeting using
warmth, enthusiasm, and humor.
calls for disqualification from the Timer.
makes concluding remarks and
adjourns meeting.
Vote Counter...
counts and tallies the votes
for Best Table Topics
Speaker, Evaluator, and
Speaker. Also tallies any
elections and points of
business. The Vote Counter
does not vote unless there
is a tie.
calls for votes for Best Evaluator,
evaluates the overall meeting pointing out
opportunities for improvement in functions
and protocol.
calls for report from the Grammarian.
provides a joke or
thought for the day
appropriate for the
occasion and a
professional audience.
Table Topics Master...
leads the liveliest part of the
meeting. This 1-2 minute exercise
in extemporaneous (off the cuff)
speaking is preferably performed by
non-funtionary attendees so
everyone has a chance to speak.
“Ah” Counter...
After the topic or question has
been presented to the club, the
name of the participant is
announced. The “Word of the Day”
must be used to qualify for winner
of the day. Visitors should be
asked to participate after they
have seen a few examples.
at the end of the meeting the “Wizard of
Ahs” designation will be announced. (You don’t
really want this one!)
gives an oral and written
evaluation of the speaker’s
performance ensuring the
objectives were met at the level
given utilizing the Evaluator’s form
in the manual as a guide.
points out the Speaker’s strengths
and offers ways to improve.
fills out the Evaluator’s form in
the manual and gets the VP of
Education’s signature for the
manual, then returns the manual
back to the Speaker.
By Julie Schreul, DTM 2/2000 Revised 7/2008
counts and tabulates the “ahs”, connecting
ands, sos or pauses Toastmasters use when
speaking. Bells may be used to alert usage,
except during formal speeches.
presents the “Word of the Day”
(WOD) pertinent to the theme.
It should be defined, used in a
sentence, posted, and
emphasized that everyone who
has the opportunity to speak
should use the WOD, especially
in Table Topics. They must use
the WOD to qualify for Table
Topics winner.
keeps a record of those who use
the WOD to report at the end
of Table Topics.
keeps a record and reports
grammatical errors.
is responsible for making sure
the meeting starts and adjourns
on time and times the speakers for
Table Topics, speeches and
evaluations. Any speaker who
exceeds the allotted times is
disqualified from awards.
the Timer also reports any
disqualifications to the
Toastmaster, Table Topics Master
and General Evaluator during the
Time Table
Table Topics
Most speeches
1:0 1:30
5:0 6:00
2:0 2:30

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