Research Panel Presentation - Mrs. Kazmaier-CP English

In your small group (3-5 people), you will prepare for a 12-15 minute panel discussion. Your
discussion should be structured as follows:
 Overall introduction (1-2 minutes) –what is your panel going to discuss? What are the common links in your
research and reading?
 Individual introductions (2-4 minutes) –what novels did each of you read? What did you each research and write
your papers about?
 Discussion of research process (3-5 minutes) –what unique processes did each of you use? What worked and was
helpful for you? What would you do differently next time? (This is not an invitation to bash the assignment or
expectations of the senior paper; you are engaging in reflection on YOUR unique process).
 Discussion of research content (3-5 minutes) –what did you learn as you researched and wrote? What was
interesting or captivating to you as a learner and researcher?
 Conclusion and time for questions from the audience (1-2 minutes) –wrap up your discussion and answer any
questions from the audience.

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