Chinese EPC Solutions for XXXXX Engineering

Chinese EPC Solutions
for Offshore Engineering
PRC Subcontractors for the
International Oil & Gas Industry
February, 2010
EPC Presentation Template Ver. 2-2-10
 We are here to understand the requirements of your
EPC business that can be met by our portfolio of
Chinese companies.
 In turn, we will create and then propose solutions
that could meet these needs.
 If these solutions interest you, then we will work with
you and our Chinese partners to initiate a long-term
relationship development process.
Who We Are
 Brian Walker, B.S.,M.S.F.S, Leon Pacific Consulting
Former Risk Manager for Kerr-McGee and Anadarko
 Degrees from Baylor and Georgetown Universities
 15 years experience in North and Southeast Asia
 Major Projects: Peregrino (Brazil), Jubilee (Ghana), Bohai Bay (China)
 Fred Yong, AAG
Former General Manager, Shell China Purchasing; set up the department in 2005 and ran it
until retiring in 2008
 30 year veteran of Shell, serving in technical, commercial, and managerial roles in UK,
Malaysia, and China, including offshore facilities engineer
 Founding member, Petronas
 Feng Wang, AAG
Professional supply chain consultant at Price Waterhouse Coopers China and Accenture
China, where she was responsible for managing State-owned power industry clients
 Member of China’s Economic and Trade Commission’s Small and Midsized Enterprises
Promotion Association
 Master’s degrees in international business from Tokyo University and Columbia University
Who We Are
 Serge Aluker, AAG
Project Manager at Philips Supply Chain Management, China, which involved strategic planning and
supply market development of 2nd and 3rd tier markets, business intelligence, and analytics
 Analyst at U.S. Foreign Commercial Service, Shanghai, providing market entry services
 Lecturer at Wuhan University of Technology in business analytics and information visualization
 Jeremy Haft, AAG
Founding partner in 1998 of Ningbo-based industrial sourcing firm, BChinaB Inc.
 Author, “All the Tea in China: How to Buy, Sell, and Make Money on the Mainland” {Penguin, 2007),
and featured China commentator in The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, NPR, CNN,
CNBC, Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC.
 Member, Council on Foreign Relations
 Charles Freeman III, AAG
Former Assistant U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) for China Affairs, the United States’ chief China
trade negotiator (2002-2005)
 Senior advisor, McLarty and Associates and holder of the Chair in China Studies at the Center for
Strategic and International Studies
Raising the Bar for China
 Chinese engineering firms, shipbuilders, steel
fabricators, and other O&G related service providers
are looking to expand their presence in the
international markets.
 They have been subcontracting on projects in Asia,
British North Sea , Gulf of Mexico and the Middle
East for international companies and are hungry for
world-class opportunities.
We can customize their capacities to fit your needs.
Trust, Competency, Integrity
 In the O&G industry, trust is hard-earned and even
harder to keep.
 Cultural and language barriers are difficult to
 We are here to bridge this gap and create the
relationships that place trust, competency and
integrity as the highest priority.
Our View is for the Long-Term
Portfolio Company
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
 Location: Shanghai, China
 Primary Expertise: Shipbuilding, Offshore
 Secondary Capabilities:
 Project management
 Engineering and design
 Procurement
 Planning
 Construction to commissioning
 Major Project History:
 2007: HaiYangShiYou 981 (6th Gen. DP3 Deepwater Semi Rig)
Client: CNOOC
 2005: HaiYangShiYou 117 (2million bbl FPSO), Client:
 2002:HaiYangShiYou 113 (1.2million bbl FPSO), Client: CNOOC
 2002:HaiYangShiYou 111 (1million bbl FPSO), Client: CNOOC
Portfolio Company
Yantai Raffles Shipyard Limited
 Location: Yantai, China
 Primary Expertise: Shipbuilding, Offshore Projects
 Secondary Capabilities:
 Offshore Rigs
 Offshore Vessels
 Major Project History:
 2008:350-man Accommodation Barge MODU(Mobile Offshore
Drilling Unit),"African Caribe",Marine Subsea,Norway
 2007: SSP300 Floating,Production,Storage and Offloading
Vessel,"Sevan Voyaguer".A Mono-hull circular column shaped
FPSO.Sevan Marine,Norway
 2006: "Rong Doi MV12",174m Floating,Storage and Offloading
Vessel Modec, Japan
Portfolio Company
Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd.
 Location: Qinhuangdao, China
 Primary Expertise: Shipbuilding, Steel Fabrication
 Secondary Capabilities:
 Offshore Installation
 Construction
 Conversion Projects
 Major Project History:
 2006-2007: CPOE NO.3 Platform, Client: COPE
 2005-2007: No.4 Shengli Work Platform, Client: Shengli
Petroleum Administrative Bureau Well Work Branch of China
Petrochemical Engineering Corporation.
Portfolio Company
Whale Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd
 Location: Shenzhen, China
 Primary Expertise:Project Management , Design of various types of
offshore platforms
 Secondary Capabilities:
 Feasibility Study
 Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)
 Basic Design
 Detail Design
 Existing Unit Reevaluation
 Construction Support Engineering
 Work Interface With Class
 Major Project History:
 2008: HYSY 936 Project ,Project Type: Detail Design & Shop
Design , Class: ABS&CCS
 2007: SEVAN 650 Drilling Unit , Project Type: Module Design &
Detail Design, CLASS: DNV
 2006: “BW ENTERPRISE”FPSO , Client: BW PEMEX , Class:
ABS , Project Status: Completed
Portfolio Company
Tianjin Neptune Offshore Engineering
Development Co., Ltd(NOED)
 Location: Tianjin , China
 Primary Expertise: Steel Fabrication , Design, Test and Control
 Secondary Capabilities:
 Offshore Installation
 Construction
 Major Project History:
 2002: Suction Anchors Installation at WenChang 13-1, 13-2 Oil
Field, west of South China Sea , Client: Advanced Production and
Loading AS (Norway)
 1999: Two Mooring Platforms with Bucket Foundations at JZ9-3
Field , north of Bohai Bay , Client: China Offshore Oil Bohai
Company. (COOBC)
 1997: The STP Floating Production System at Lufeng 22-1 Field ,
South China Sea , Client: Advanced Production and Loading AS
Portfolio Company
SINOPEC Nanjing Engineering Incorporation
 Location: Nanjing, China
 Primary Expertise: Design, EPC ,Core specialized field construction
 Secondary Capabilities:
 Projects general contract
 Projects management
 Engineering service
 Engineering consul-ting
 Projects supervision by means of EPC or PMC
 Major Project History:
 2009: Saudi Arabia BBTX project, Location: Yanbu industrial city ,
Client: SABIC
 2009:Saudi Arabia EOEG project , Location: Al-Jubail industrial
city , Client:Kayan Petrochemical Company
Portfolio Company
Beijing Huafu Engineering Co., Ltd. (HFEC)
 Location: Beijing, China
 Primary Expertise: Design, EPC ,Core specialized field construction
Secondary Capabilities:
 Feasibility study,
 Technical consultation,
 Engineering,
 Procurement,
 Construction management & supervision, EPC contracting,
 Project management to technical services
 Major Project History:
 2007: Technical Improvement for Atmospheric and Vacuum
Distillation Liquefied Gas Sweetening for Zhanjiang, Client:
Zhanjiang Dongxing Petroleum Enterprise Co., Ltd.
 2006: Straight Distillation Gasoline Upgrading Plant for Zhanjiang ,
Client: Zhanjiang Dongxing Petroleum Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Portfolio Company
Wison Group
 Location: Shanghai, China
 Primary Expertise:Provides customers with varieties of professional
services and associated products across industries related to oil, gas
and coal from upstream to downstream sectors, and to chemicals
and cranes.
 Secondary Capabilities:
 Feasibility study
 Engineering consultation,
 Design,
 Procurement,
 Construction management and project overall contracting,
 Project management,
 Training and startup
 Major Project History:
 2007: PEMEX Platform drilling rigs , Client: COSL/PEMEX
 2009: 800kta Ethylene Plant Project of 800kta Ethylene
Expansion Project of Fushun Petrochemical Branch, Client:CNPC
 2008: 10 million t/y Russian sour crude oil processing revamp
and expansion project, Client: China National Petroleum
Corporation (PetroChina) Dalian Petrochemica
Portfolio Company
Nanjing Yangzi Petrochemical Design
Engineering Company Limited(YPDI)
 Location: Nanjing, China
 Primary Expertise: Engineering consultation, Design, Contracting
 Secondary Capabilities:
 Consultation,
 Planning ,
 Design,
 Procurement,
 Contracting of engineering projects
 Major Project History:
 1997: 600,000 t/y catalytic cracking part Client: YPC
 1996: Overal design of 300,000 t/y ethylene project Client: YPC
Portfolio Company
SINOPEC Shanghai Engineering Co., Ltd.
 Location: Shanghai, China
 Primary Expertise: Engineering consultation, Design, EPC
 Secondary Capabilities:
 Project Initial Planning & Consultation,
 Feasibility Study,
 General Planning and Engineering Design,
 Procurement,
 EPC Contracting,
 Project Management and Technology Development
 Major Project History:
 2005:1400KTA Product handling unit, Client: SABIC
 2005:30000m2 Product Packing Storage, Client: SABIC
 2008:900,000m3 Tank Field Project, Client: SINOPEC
Contact Information
 Brian Walker, Leon Pacific Consulting
 [email protected]
 +1(281)653-8496

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