Sears & The Cub Scouts
the 2013 Annual Pinewood Derby Program
This year the Cub Scouts are teaming up with Sears again!! Sears wants to help make
your Pinewood Derby experience the best it can be!! That’s why we are setting up a
Pine Wood Derby Station at the Schaumburg Sears Store (Woodfield Mall) on January
12 from 10-5 pm. There will be a design station to help pick out the very best design, a
cutting station with a band saw, a sanding station with a sander/scroll saw and a wheels
Pinewood Derby experts from the Cub Scouts will be on hand to help.
A legal guardian along with their Cub Scout can sign up via the Calumet Council office
at 847-824-6894 for a time slot…just ask for Dominic Gualtieri.
So Come in store and get expert help from
The Sears Blue Tool Crew Associates and the Cub Scouts!!!
Bring your Pinewood Derby block/kit and Sears will supply the tools needed in making
On your Marks!!!
Get Set!! - bring your block/Derby Kit
GO!!! – to Sears!!!
** Please note:
1) Only Sears Associates will be able to cut the Pine Wood Derby Block
2)ONLY Adults will be able to use rotary tools w/ a Sears Associate present (1 Sears Associate to 3 Adult ratio is
mandatory): the Sears Associate will provide instruction on proper use of rotary tools; users will be required to
wear safety eyewear and while operating rotary tools
3)Child must be accompanied by a legal guardian, 1:1 ratio
4)Cub Scout & Parent must have a signed Sears waiver to participate.
5)Personal protective equipment (safety eyewear) will be provided by Sears for the Cub Scout and parent and are
required to be worn while working with or near power tools.
Yes, I will be at the Sears Workshop with my Pinewood Derby car on Saturday, January 12, 2013.
We will have openings for 15 Cubs per hour/105 per day. Please check the time you will attend:
__ 10 am__11 am__12 pm__1 pm__2 pm__3 pm__4 pm
Cub’s Name______________________________
Parent’s Name ___________________________
Parent’s Phone #__________________________
E-mail address_____________________________
Cub Scout Pack #___________________________
Council Name______________________________
EMAIL TO: [email protected]

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