2015 A Year of Adventure

100 years of adventure
Cub Scout Centenary 2016
Wolf Cubs
• December 1916 - Wolf Cubs
was launched at Claxton Hall
• By the end of the following
year there were already 30,000
• In the UK we now have over
150,000 Cub Scouts
• 2016 will see us celebrate
100 years of adventure
Centenary objectives
•To involve Cubs Scout Packs across the whole of the UK.
•To increase growth and participation of young people and
•To celebrate and have fun.
•To establish a momentum throughout the country for the
next decade of Cub Scouting.
•To bring the history of scouting to light
•To raise awareness of the importance of Cub Scouts
accessing adventurous activities and provide opportunities
for young people within this section to experience
adventure at an appropriate level for their age and ability.
A Year of Adventure
2015 Year of Adventure
• In preparation for the centenary year
• Renewed focus on including adventurous
activities to Cub Scouting
• A focus on a new adventurous
activity each month
• Badge available to those
Cub Scouts who take part in
the 2015 Year Of Adventure
2016 Year of Celebration
• Locally organised adventure camp
• ‘Our Journey’ – a programme resource for the
centenary year
• Thanks events – a chance to thank those locally
who have brought Cub Scouting through its first 100
• Promise parties – a chance to celebrate, reflect
and renew our Promise
A local celebration
• Each Cub Scout to have the opportunity to attend
an adventure camp during the year
• The camps to have an adventure theme
• Events to be organised at County, District or
Pack/Group depending on local circumstances
Our journey
• An exciting series of challenges
for Cub Packs to use
throughout the year
• All available for download
in 2015 to help with planning
Thanks events
• An event planned to enable today’s Cub Scouts to
say thanks to leaders past and present
Promise parties
• Only event with a set date – 19:16 on Friday 16th
• End of year celebration event for Cub Scouts and
• Opportunity to renew our Promise at 19:16
Centenary Badge Competition
• Launched October 2013
• Ended January 31st 2014
•Amber Pheasant was the winner of the badge
competition for more information please see
www.scouts.org.uk/cubadventure2016 and in the
June/July Mag

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