Easy & Engaging Presentatio

Easy & Engaging
Review Strategies
White Boards
• Laminated Card Stock
–Light colors
• Dry Erase Markers
• Paper Towels
–Individual answers
–Think Pair Share
Red and Green
• True and False
• Agree and Disagree
• Red and Green cards
– Each student displays his/her selected side over
his/her heart or chin, wherever it is most visible to
the teacher.
– Instruct students to hold it close to their body so it
is difficult for others to view their choice.
Agree or Disagree!
Topic: Oklahoma Trivia
Hold your card up close to your chin as soon as you decide if you
Agree or Disagree!
True or False?
In Tulsa, Oklahoma, you may
not open a soda bottle
without the supervision of a
licensed engineer.
Agree or Disagree?
In Oklahoma City it is legal to
serve alcohol in a pool hall,
and all intoxicated persons
must remain on the pool hall
While it is legal to serve
alcohol in an Oklahoma City
pool hall, all intoxicated
persons must leave the
Agree or Disagree?
Whaling is illegal in
True or False?
Oklahoma is the only state
where the state name is
included in the capital city
There are two states whose
state name appears in the
capital city name. One is
Oklahoma, the other is
Indianapolis, Indiana.
True or False?
In Oklahoma, the entire
Encyclopedia Britannica is
banned because it contains a
formula for making beer at
The entire Encyclopedia
Britannica is banned in Texas, not
Oklahoma, because it contains a
formula for making beer at home.
Race to the Answers
Self-adhesive presentation paper
List of questions
– No talking between team members.
– Team members form a single line. The first person may
answer any question or write IDK (I don’t know). When
he/she has written one answer he/she will move to the
back of the line.
– The next person may answer any question or correct a
previous answer.
– When the team has answered all of the questions they will
sit down.
– The teacher will check the answers and will tell the team if
all the answers are correct. If there is an incorrect answer
the team must stand up and continue. At this point the
teacher may give hints or clues or allow team members to
1. What Georgia City is home to the Masters golf
2. In what U.S. City was Motown records founded?
3. How many U.S. Presidents were named George?
4. Where in the body do you find the humerus bone?
5. What is the name of King Mufasa’s cub in The
Lion King?
6. Ozzy Osbourne was the lead singer of what band?
7. What planet in the solar system has the most
8. The spokesman for what cell phone network
repeatedly asks, “Can you hear me now?”
9. What breed of dog is Snoopy?
10. What is infinity plus one?
• List of numbered questions
• Teams
• Scorecard
• Choose 2 groups of equal number.
• List the number of each question on the board but not the question itself.
The instructor has the list of numbered questions.
• The first team picks the question number for the second team.
• Without any discussion, the members of the second team that believe that
they know the answer will stand.
• The first team will choose one of the standing second team members to
give an answer for the team.
• Scoring:
– If the selected second team member is correct, the second team gets a
point for every member of their team standing.
– If the selected second team member is wrong, the first team gets a
point for every member standing.
• Teams alternate picking the question, etc.
• It is helpful to check off the question number on the board as it is selected.
Questions – Topic - Movie Trivia
• Question #1
• Question #2
• Question #3
• Question #4
• Question #5
• Question #6
• Question #7
• Question #8
• Question #9
• Question #10
Board Smack
• Questions with displayable answers
• Board smackers (funoodles, fly swatters, nerf
bat, etc.)
• Teams
• Choose 2 groups of equal number.
• Each group lines up in front of the board.
• The first member of each group stand with
his/her back to the board.
• The teacher will read a question and allow some
time for the students to think about the answer.
• Then the teacher shows the answers and the
students turn and smack the correct answer.
• This student moves to the end of the line.
Question #1
• Who is famous for singing the song
White Christmas?
Question #2
• Which diagram represents an
obtuse angle?
Question #3
• Who is famous for singing the song
Poker Face?
Question #4
• What Oklahoma city was the only city in the
United States to be
bombed during World War II?
Boise City
Broken Bow
Question #5
• In the Toy Story movies, who was the voice of
the cowboy doll Woody?
Bingo cards
Writing utensil
List of terms and definitions
– You may hand out blank bingo cards for students
to fill in or you may create them yourself.
– You may play any form of bingo, four corners, etc.
– The teacher reads the definitions and the students
cross of the words.
• Cards with questions and answers
Answer sheets with letters and blanks
List of categories
Writing utensils
May be played individually or small groups
• Each student or team of students is given an identical
answer sheet with letters of the alphabet next to
• Instruct the class to keep the next paper you hand out
face down. Each student or team is given a face down
list of the same letters with a category next to a letter.
These are the same for each student or team.
• The goal is to come up with an answer for each
category that begins with the letter assigned to that
category. It can be a single word, a phrase, or a
sentence, as long as it is something that fits the
category and/or relates to that category.
• Students are given a stated amount of time to
• After time is up, each student or team reads
their answer to one category. Grading is as
– If an answer is the same as someone else’s answer,
no points are earned.
– Answers that are not duplicated are given one point
– If an answer is out there but not obviously incorrect,
you may have the class debate and decide if the
answer is correct, with the instructor having ultimate
veto power.
• If the category is this:
W-Character from the Harry Potter Series
• For the following blank on the answer sheet:
• Any of these answers would be correct:
Worm Tail
Weasley, Ron
Wand Maker
Weird headmaster
Last Student Standing
• List of multiple choice questions
• A – D signs
• Label the four corners of the room A-D.
• The teacher reads multiple choice questions and
the students move to the corner corresponding
to their selected answer.
• Only those student with the correct answer may
continue until you have the Last Student
• To discourage students from following others
teachers may need to arrange for a strong
student to intentionally select an incorrect
Mystery Word
• Term or procedure with 5 clues
• Rules
– 5 clues, from most challenging to easiest
– Students write word on board
– Points can be given for first completed correctly,
spelling can count
Classmate Feud
List of questions
– Played like family feud
– Teams line up across from each other
– First player to hit the bell answers the question. If he/she
is wrong it goes to the opposite team.
– If multiple answers, the team that hits the bell first
answers as many as possible before it goes to the other
ABC Review
• Paper
– Individual
– Groups - self-adhesive presentation paper
• Writing utensil
– Pens, pencils, etc. or Markers
• Timer
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