2011 DEA staff meet - School District 70

Creating Success 2011-2012
Ditidaht Community School:
Ditidaht School Staff and Ditidaht Education Authority
Why are we here?
Why are we here?
• Student, Staff, School leadership alignment:
“Getting on the same page”.
• Relationship Building:
“We are all learners”
• Considering School Goals:
“What’s important to you?”
Relationship Building
“If kids come to us from strong, healthy functioning families, it makes
our jobs easier. If they do not come to us from strong, healthy,
functioning families it makes our job more important”- Barbra Color
Activity: Guess Who?
1. Each person writes down a memory, event or occurrence
that happened to them in school.
2. Move into teams of three. Guess who “belongs” to each
3. Each team of three pick one card. Present to large group.
Ditidaht Education Authority Goals:
1. Create a learning environment where all
learners are engaged.
“Students who are not confident of their skills in
language arts and math have lower levels of
engagement across all dimensions. When
students are not confident and not challenged,
the chances of them being engaged are even
lower.” (Williams, 2009)
Ditidaht Education Authority Goals:
2. Assist each student to find their gift, develop
their dream or find a career path to enable them
to transition to post-secondary or the world of
work after grade 12.
We have approximately 15, 300 (13.5% of their time
on this planet) hours to assist students to find
their dream or their job and to help prepare them
for it.
Activity: Goals
1. In groups, discuss the community level goals
for the school.
2. On the post its, write an activity, thought,
question or strategy that is happening, will be
happening or that you want to happen in the
school that relates to the community goals.
3. Post the notes on the larger chart paper.
4. Each group will present the idea or activity
that is most meaningful to them.
Walk the Talk
• It takes commitment and courage to move
your students forward.
• It takes knowledge.
• It takes teamwork.
• While you are viewing the following short
video, ask yourself…do I have what it takes to
make change in Ditidaht Education?
What is the purpose of Education?
• Important to know “why”…important to help students understand the
• The why changes…industrial age to contemporary age.
• Important to know the specific purpose of Ditidaht Community School.
1. Break into three groups.
2. Discuss what are the three most important purposes of school.
3. Report back to the main group.
4. Two Resources: 21st Century Learning Framework and “Old” K-12
provincial learning goals.
Personalized Learning
Generation Lap
World Context-Community Context: Is school a box?
Everyone learns differently
Is grammar important or is it more important to be able to
communicate well?
Personalized Learning
1. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water: 3
2. More choice for students: Thinking about
“electives” in Kindergarten (passions).
3. Collaboration and Leadership
4. Adaptability
5. Creativity and Innovation
6. Effective oral and written communication
7. Assessing and Analyzing information
Personalized Learning Activity
1. Three Groups
2. Read intro plus one myth
3. Report Back: Has the myth influenced your
thinking on what is important in education?
Video: 21st Century Learning Skills
The Leaders: Ditidaht Education
Goals: Shift in Thinking
• Your job is to create the highest level of
achievement possible for students so they can
use their gifts to find success and be a part of
a sustainable economy.
• Have you considered….?
Core Values: Mission and Goals
• All decisions use Mission and Goals as a filter.
ACTIVIT Y: Pair and Share
Read the K-12 Education Plan and the Current Mission and Goals for DCS.
1) Be prepared to describe what the DCS mission statement means to you.
2) Consider the goals: Would you change anything?
3) Choose the two goals that you think are the most important and describe

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