Windows Phone XNA Games

Windows Phone
XNA Games
i can haz gamez?
Who Am I?
• Bret Stateham
Microsoft Developer Evangelist
[email protected]
What’s Up?
• Quick intro to Phone XNA games
• Make a game
• The goal is to help you see that:
– Game dev is easier than you think
– You can make a game
• The goal is NOT to
– Make a world class game
– Let you sit there and not get involved
Quick Intro to Phone XNA Games
Need Windows Phone Dev Tools
XNA Game Studio included
New Project Templates in Studio
Typical game solution
– “Game” project
– “Content” project
What is Content?
• The assets your game uses
• Graphics
– Start / End of Game screens
– Game elements (Sprites)
• Fonts (SpriteFonts)
• Sounds
XNA Game Structure
• Main class is
– Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game
• Main Methods
– Constructor
– Initialize
– LoadContent
– Update
– Draw
– UnloadContent
• Single image
• Image matrix

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