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A Guide to Tools & Resources
Tools and resources to help you…
• Make the case for change
• Take stock of where you are
• Understand the needs of your population
• Develop a local strategy
• Identify what works and what looks promising
• Make the economic case
• Measure your success
Making the case for change
‘Early Intervention: The Next Steps’ &
‘Early Intervention: Smart Investment,
Massive Savings’ (The Allen Reports)
Fair Society Healthy Lives (The Marmot
Chief Medical Officer's Annual Report
2012: Our Children Deserve Better:
Prevention Pays
A fresh start to tackling youth crime
(Independent Commission on Youth
Crime and Antisocial Behaviour)
The Triple Dividend: Thriving Lives,
costing less, contributing more (The
Early Action Taskforce)
The Wisdom of Prevention (the New
Economics Foundation)
Taking stock of where you are
Maturity Matrix
Early Intervention Spend
(Summer 2012)
Understanding the needs of your population
Slide sets available now on EIF website
Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network (Public Health England):
Children Count Surveys (Social Research Unit)
Measuring Adverse Childhood Experiences (Blackburn with Darwen Council)
Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network
(Public Health England)
With more EIF resources to come later in 2014…
Joint Strategic Needs Assessment: A springboard
for action (Local Government Association)
Health Needs Assessment A Practical Guide (health
Development Agency)
Developing a local strategy
Forthcoming: Report on learning from our 20 places to
be launched later in 2014
Available now: A growing library of case-studies sharing
learning from our 20 places. Including slide sets on
Hertfordshire, Islington, Nottingham, Solihull,
Staffordshire, Swindon, West Cheshire, Worcestershire
Forthcoming: Report on Integrated Early Years models
to be launched later in 2014
Commissioning early help: Using evidence informed
practice to improve preventative and early help
services (Research in Practice) ***£20***
Report of the Children and Young People’s Health
Outcomes Forum
Strategy Survival Guide (Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit)
Making the economic case
Making an Early Intervention Business Case: What
should it look like?
Making an Early Intervention Business Case: Evidence
and resources
Making an Early Intervention Business Case:
Checklist and recommendations for cost-benefit
Forthcoming: Social Investment: Using Social Impact
Bonds to Support Early Intervention (to be launched
March 2014)
What Works and what looks promising
The Early Intervention Guidebook
• An online platform that will provide information about effective Early Intervention
methods, in order to improve children’s wellbeing and save money.
• It will continually evolve and expand as new reviews are undertaken and new
information is added.
• It will include tools and resources for improving Early Intervention in a local area.
• It will include information about programmes, systems and practice primarily aimed at
If you would like to know more about the Guidebook or would like to be informed when
it launches on the website, please email [email protected]
‘What Works’ and what looks promising
Current and potential EIF reviews
• Domestic Violence
• Information on evidence based Early Intervention programmes
Currently being considered:
• Social and emotional skills in school
• Edge of Care
• Team around the family
• Ante-natal programmes
• Supporting positive parent child interactions
• Supporting communities to take forward EI (including through coproduction and
What Works and what looks promising
Other resources
Measuring your success – Guides to evaluation
Good impact evaluation design – basic
principles (slide set)
Better Evaluation Framework
Evaluation: Measuring What Works
The Magenta Book
Handbook on Impact Evaluation:
Quantitative Methods and Practices
User Friendly Handbook for Project
Measuring your success – case studies
Chance UK
An Early Intervention programme based around
mentoring for children aged 5-11 years with behavioural
Cost benefit analysis in Greater
West Cheshire Integrated Early Support
Realising Ambition Project
Measuring the impact of the county wide Integrated
Early Support system for children from 0-18 in West
a UK wide programme of projects to help young people
fulfil their potential and avoid the pathways into
Vestia Community Trust
Achievement for All 3As
Evaluating the cashable savings achieved through
services for families facing severe & multiple
disadvantage in Worcestershire
programme to improve outcomes in reading, writing and
maths for children and young people eligible for the
Pupil Premium and those identified with Special
Educational Needs and Disabilities

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