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Access your account
Access your
member account
through the single
sign-on from your
Florida Blue
member website at
Once logged in, click on “My
Account” and then “Financial
Summary.” Then click on “View
Your Health Reimbursement
New HealthEquity mobile app
Convenient, powerful tools:
• On-the-go access
• Take a photo of documentation with
phone and link to claims and payments
• Send payments and reimbursements
from HRA
• Manage debit card transactions
• View claims status
Available for iOS and Android
Using your debit card
• When to use the card
– At the pharmacy for a Prescription
– At the Provider’s office (only use the
card for payment at time of visit if
provider is requiring payment at that
time. Payment is usually made to the
provider after a claim has been filed).
• When to pay online/mobile app
– When you get a bill from your doctor
(amounts applied to your deductible)
• Remember to save ALL receipts
– Take a photo using the mobile app!
How It Works
1. When you visit your Medical Provider you will need to present
your Florida Blue medical ID card.
2. Your provider will file the claim with Florida Blue.
3. Florida Blue will then send the claim to Health Equity
Claim processing
Your claim may appear on the HealthEquity’s website before it
is visible on Florida Blue’s website.
Once your claim is processed, your provider will send you a bill.
You can pay the provider by one of the following ways:
Call the provider and give them your HealthEquity debit card information
Write your HealthEquity debit card information on the payment section of
the bill and mail back to the provider
Log onto the HealthEquity website and select the button to “pay provider”
and a check will be mailed to the provider.
Note: Each time you use your HealthEquity debit card, the money is being taken from your
HRA account. The card will no longer work once you have used all of your HRA
• What is Substantiation?
– The IRS requires that HRA funds be used for qualified expenses only
– Substantiation is documentation that an expense is qualified
• When is this needed?
Most pharmacies send us enough information for prescriptions
Claims are matched to card payments based on date, amount, and vendor type
If you pay for more than one date of service at a time
If you pay a discounted or partial amount
If we do not receive the claim (Mental health, dental and vision)
• How do I Substantiate?
– Match to a claim on the portal
– Send in an EOB
Making payments online
Login to your account at
Hover over My Money
Click on View Claims
Locate your claim
Click “Pay Provider”
Powerful tools
• Convenient access
Using our free mobile app
By telephone
• Use your HealthEquity account to
Check your balance
Review transactions
Review claims
Submit new claims or documents
Who to call with questions
Help paying a claim
HRA account balance
Debit card questions / activation / ordering
Florida Blue Member Services
Is a procedure/service covered under the medical plan
School Board of Highlands County
Insurance and Benefits Department
Benefits eligibility
Expert friends
Always available
Our member services are taking calls 24
hours a day, every day of the year
Every step along the way
We are here to answer any questions you
have and help you maximize your savings
Call today
Let us conduct a personal assessment of
your plan options

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