Proposed Cooper City Green Plan

Cooper City
Someplace Green
The Cooper City – “Someplace Green” Sustainability
Plan, a “Green Print” for the final stages of buildout and
future redevelopment, represents a milestone in the City’s
efforts to ensure the sustainability of this community. The
Green Print provides a “Tool Box for Tomorrow,” as Cooper
City leaders grapple with the challenges of a changing
climate, a call for energy efficiency and conservation and
need for long term economic sustainability.
Cooper City – A great place to live.
Sustainability Plan respectfully submitted by the
Green Advisory Board Members, November 2011.
Diana Guidry, Chair
Gary S. Hines, Vice Chair
Jerilyn L. Habenicht, Secretary
Didier Dupuy
Gladys DiGirolamo
Olga G. Alvarez
Patti Webster
Rick Dronsky
Steven Gara
Contributions also provided by:
James Bowman, Cooper City Staff Liaison
John Crouse, Former Board Member
Cooper City’s Green
Multi-year Tree City USA
Annual sponsor of Water Matters Day (9 years)
Award Winning Water Conservation Program
Broward County NatureScape Emerald Award Winner
Partner for Environmental Education, School Board of Broward
County and NatureScape Broward
Broward League of Cities President
Water Advisory Board, Technical Advisory Committee Member
Establishment of Green Advisory Board
Staff Conservation Initiatives
Categorization of Action Steps
The City Green Plan action steps contain a
range of programs and initiatives for
implementation that formulate a strategy
toward achieving sustainability.
Category 1: Green Development
& Re-development
Category 2: Natural Areas &
Environmental Enhancements
Category 3: Energy
Category 4: Water Conservation
and Reduction
Category 5: Waste Reduction
and Recycling
Category 6: Sustainable
Transportation and Mobility
Category 7: Community
Outreach and Empowerment
Category 8: City Operations
Category 9: Regional Leadership
Category 1:
Green Development & Re-development
Action 1.1 Review and revise the Cooper City Comprehensive Land
Use Plan and other development regulations to reflect planning
strategies to mitigate the causes of and adapt to the consequences
of a changing climate.
Action 1.2 Review and amend landscape requirements for all new
developments to encourage planting trees that sequester carbon
dioxide, encourage developers to donate trees identified for their
carbon sequestration benefits and provide areas in appropriate city
owned parks or other areas as designated to accommodate tree
forests dedicated to mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG).
Category 1:
Green Development & Re-development
Action 1.3 Review and amend the landscape ordinances to stay
current with Broward County’s landscape code and to maintain
Cooper City as a Broward NatureScape Community.
Action 1.4 Retrofit all City-owned buildings with green building
technologies by 2020.
Action 1.5 Create a “green” checklist by 2012 for use on all City and
private projects such as engineering or landscape projects, permits,
etc. and incorporate green review in the development order process.
Action 1.6 Encourage Building Department to recommend
Alternative Energy Infrastructure in all new residential
2. Natural Areas & Environmental
Action 2.1 Achieve 40% tree canopy coverage throughout the City
with maximum tree coverage on public and private land by 2020.
Action 2.2 Ensure continuation of Tree City U.S.A. status and
support Cooper City’s signature street tree planting program.
Action 2.3 Ensure public access to passive parks, recreational
areas, open space, or greenway trails for use by all residents by
2. Natural Areas & Environmental
Action 2.4 Encourage the development of future parks and passive
recreational areas where appropriate throughout the City.
Action 2.5 Further the goals of the Anne Kolb Tree Path, as
represented by Cooper City Resolution No. 81-8-2 and Special Act
of the Florida Legislature Chapter 91-319, SB 2394, by working
with municipalities adjacent to the Tree Path to plant and dedicate
trees in accordance with agreements that call for trees to be
planted on the portion of Griffin Road that is located between the
Florida Turnpike on the east and 660 feet west of Flamingo Road
on the west and ensure that the Department of Transportation
erects suitable markers along the Path as provided for in SB 2394.
2. Natural Areas & Environmental
Action 2.6 Ensure that wetlands set aside as mitigation for
development of Monterra as agreed to in the annexation
agreement are protected and preserved in perpetuity. Develop a
plan by 2015 that will include, but not be limited to, the creation
of nature preservation boardwalks, pathways and kiosks.
3. Energy Conservation
Action 3.1 Utilize a minimum of 10% of publicly-owned land appropriate
for alternative energy sources by 2020 in a manner that will not impose
an impact on environmentally sensitive or natural areas.
Action 3.2 Promote the use of all alternative energy sources including
solar energy in residential areas.
Action 3.3 Ensure 20% of grants received by the City are for energy
conservation projects.
Action 3.4 Allow residents to obtain carbon offset credits when they use
alternative energy sources or have their homes modified for such when
technologically feasible. Support net metering when possible.
Action 3.5 Increase Cooper City owned vehicles that run on alternative
forms of fuel.
4. Water Conservation & Reduction
Action 4.1 Reduce potable water consumption by 10% from the
base condition preceding April 1, 2006 by 2012 and an additional
15% by 2020 through a Citywide Water Reduction Initiative.
Identify the highest residential users and assist them with
conservation measures.
Action 4.2 Increase water conservation measures in cooperation
with other government agencies.
Action 4.3 Convert water fixtures within City owned buildings and
facilities to water saving efficient fixtures by 2014.
Action 4.4 Promote water conservation by providing tips on
electronic message board, city newsletter and back of water bills.
4. Water Conservation & Reduction
Action 4.5 Promote low capacity ground water wells and soil
moisture sensor systems for residential irrigation.
Action 4.6 Promote rainfall efficiency throughout the City and
promote the utilization of rain barrels and cisterns.
Action 4.7 Promote, support, and participate in Broward County’s
Annual Water Matters Day.
Action 4.8 Review the feasibility of developing a Cooper City
Utilities reclaimed water system every three years or until such a
system is implemented.
5. Waste Reduction & Recycling
Action 5.1 Provide recycling rollout carts and other recycling methods to
increase recycling and achieve a 75% reduction in waste by 2020.
Action 5.2 Require the recycling of all construction and demolition debris in
an effort to divert 75% of waste from landfills by 2012. (This should not
include hazardous materials or other environmentally dangerous materials
such as Chinese drywall).
Action 5.3
Create a shredded paper program for the community by 2012.
Action 5.4 Promote Broward County’s paint recycling program. Inform
residents of this program and incorporate paint recycling with the current
hazardous waste recycling program.
Action 5.5
Promote residents to recycle all yard waste.
6. Sustainable Transportation &
Action 6.1 Improve mobility throughout the City by re-establishing local bus
service, increase the number of bus shelters, bicycle parking, bicycle
lanes, and greenway trails.
Action 6.2 Enhance bicycle paths throughout the City and include access
and circulation through Brian Piccolo Park and future parks.
Action 6.3 Implement an alternative vehicle parking program to designated
parking areas for alternative vehicles in developments throughout the City
by 2020.
Action 6.4
Establish Cooper City as a free Wi-Fi public zone.
Action 6.5 City vehicle program should follow Broward’s advanced
technology vehicle program.
7. Community Outreach &
Action 7.1 Proclaim a City Green Day with the first City Green Day to be held
in 2012.
Action 7.2 Implement a City Green Award program to recognize
homeowners, neighborhoods, and businesses that incorporate green and
sustainable practices. Awards can be presented in conjunction the City
Green Day. Encourage winners to apply for the Broward County Emerald
Action 7.3 Provide environmental education programs or lecture series for
the public on a variety of sustainable topics such as rainwater collection,
composting, etc. Include an environmental page in the monthly newsletter
promoting initiatives and provide tips on conserving energy and water and
reducing waste. Implement a yearly green lecture series for the public on a
variety of sustainable topics.
7. Community Outreach &
Action 7.4 Seek Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) Local
Government Designation by 2013.
Action 7.5
Promote the City Sustainability Plan.
Action 7.6 Seek national certification with the National Wildlife
Federation as a Community Wildlife Habitat by 2015. Form a
Team of residents and staff to work to attain necessary points for
certification. This includes getting 150 homes, 5 common areas
(parks, facilities), and 5 schools certified as Backyard Wildlife
Habitats under the National Wildlife Federation program.
8. City Operations
Action 8.1
Improve indoor air quality in all City buildings by
Action 8.2 Advance emission controls on all City fleet vehicles to
reduce emission by 50% by 2020.
Action 8.3 Increase the use of renewable energy in City buildings
with 25% of building usage from renewable energy sources by
Action 8.4 Reduce overall energy consumption on City owned
sites and buildings by 20%.
Action 8.5 Reduce paper consumption by 75% through a
Paperwork Reduction Policy by 2015.
8. City Operations
Action 8.6
Create or appoint a Sustainable Coordinator position by
Action 8.7 Create an Internal City Green Team by 2012 with a
representative from each department.
Action 8.8 Recommend that the City have an audit performed to
establish a baseline of green house gas (GHG) emissions from City
Operations and perform an energy audit by a nationally
recognized firm.
Action 8.9 Increase the number of City vehicles using alternative
fuels by 25% by 2014 and 50% by 2020.
9. Regional Leadership
Action 9.1 Participate in the Broward League of Cities Green
Advisory Committees, Broward County Climate Change Task Force,
and Broward County Water Advisory Board. Support efforts of the
Southeast Regional Climate Change Initiative.
Action 9.2 Create partnerships with local schools, colleges and
universities, such as Broward College and Florida Atlantic
University, for sustainable research, pilot programs, and
educational courses.
Thank you!

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