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October 2005
Collier County Addresses FEMA
 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Deobligation and Floodplain Mapping
Collier County, Florida
 Other Concerns of Communities, Governments
and Organizations Statewide with FEMA
 Nick Casalanguida, Gary McAlpin, Debbie Wight
FEMA’s Disallowed Cost Initiative
 FEMA’s nationwide goal was recovery of $800 million
in obligated Funds through Disallowed Cost Initiative.
 $275 million deobligated in about 200 governments,
state agencies, schools and other entities, imposing
critical fiscal burdens on communities in the State of
 $11.2 million deobligated from Collier County alone…
 FEMA Appeals decisions and litigation positions
assert no attention should be paid to FEMA decisions
relied on by local governments.
Collier County’s Deobligation
 Collier County received $13.9 million to restore beaches
damaged by Hurricane Wilma in 2005.
 FEMA revised allowable costs previously approved,
obligated and paid in 2012.
 Decisions without discussions
 Ignore existing rules, regulations, time constraints
 Opinions instead of technical facts
 Only one-way communications
 First Appeal in 2012, to date no Appeal action.
Collier’s Deobligation $11.2 Million
Collier’s Deobligation appeal based on:
 FEMA did not correctly determine the amount of eligible
replacement sand.
 FEMA erroneously rejected Collier’s engineering reports.
 FEMA improperly holding Collier to initial approved Scope
 The Stafford Act disallows these FEMA deobligations.
Section 705(c)
Floodplain Mapping
 FEMA requested extensive data/detailed engineering to
support updated mapping.
 FEMA regulations require remapping when more accurate
data is available.
 Collier spent $400,000 to correct outdated maps.
 FEMA now claims:
 Inadequate funding prevents remapping flood areas
 Studies indicate thousands of homes in outdated floodplain
 FEMA’s lack of funding for remapping is unacceptable and
costly to Collier County citizens.
Issues Remain Unresolved
 Individually, Collier not successful in getting response:
 10 years since storm events
 2 years since appeal filed; 1 year since meeting with
Regional Administrator
 Letters of support to FEMA from members of the
Congressional Delegation
Working Together
 Collier County is not unique with FEMA concerns and issues.
 FEMA has been non-responsive and totally lacked any urgency
in addressing the issues.
 Exploring broadening strategy across Florida
 10 years since storm events
 Coalition of agencies with comparable problems
Retroactive deobligations?
Flood map issues?
Unified voice with focused, consistent message
State and federal participation of elected officials
Information, experiences and results sharing
Legal strategies and lawsuits
Wildlife & Habitats
 Working coalition of organizations with comparable
interests and problems is needed to address FEMA
actions and inactions burdening communities.
 Engagement and interaction with members of both the
Florida State Legislature and U.S. Congress are key.
 Others???
Coalition Participation
Governments, state agencies
and other organizations
statewide may fill out and
email a response using a
FEMA Issues Interest Form
posted on Collier County’s

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