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Children's Food Trust
National charity protecting children’s right to eat better and so, to do
Provider of training, resources and support to early years settings,
schools and many others who offer food for children
Runs the Let’s Get Cooking programme, a national children’s food
excellence Award scheme and an online Learning Network
Research hub for children’s food issues
Building our portfolio of corporate partners and funders
Initially funded by the Big Lottery £20m
5000 national cookery clubs - Launched in 2008
Evaluation results:
58% of club members eat a healthier diet
90% cook again at home
Skills shared with at least one other person
Reached more than 2.9 million people
• Further funding and projects:
 Peoples Health Trust – employed males aged 20-40, 14-19 year olds, Dads and
Lads, mental health groups, looked after children, older people
 Eat Better Start Better – part funded by DfE into 20 LAs nationwide
 Universities
 Football clubs
 Commercial companies – Cook Well Work Well
Cook Well, Work Well
Fun practical healthy cooking workshops, delivered in the
Transferring knowledge into action - develops skills needed to
prepare and cook healthy food.
Encouragement and support to plan small
changes which lead to big improvements in
health, wellbeing and productivity at work.
Focus on eating well for work.
In action…
Benefits of Platform Membership
P - Partnerships
L - Learning
A - Actions
T - Timescales
F - Focus
O - Opportunities
R - Recognition
M - Membership
• Learning
• Fascinating presentations
• Training
• Active Commitment
• Action focussed
• Audience
• Timescales
• Teambuilding events
Focus action on improving health at work
or in a community
• Opportunities to network with other members
from across all sectors on a regular basis
• Recognition for efforts
• Membership
• Mentoring
• Measures
Thank you
• Overall the average ‘healthy’ score of ‘healthy’ items increased from 13 to
18. This was accompanied by a decrease over the same time in the
‘unhealthy’ score from 9 to 5.
• Seven of the eight participants had a greater positive difference in favour of
an improved diet.
• A well validated, but simple, measure of mental well-being provided
evidence that after taking part in the Cook Well, Work Well programme
participants’ scores had significantly increased suggesting that learning
new skills and eating more healthily was associated with an improvement
in their self-esteem or self confidence.
What did the
delegates think?
• “It has helped me massively and I am on the way (lost ¾ stone!) ... I will
continue to promote Let’s Get Cooking at every opportunity.”
Staff member, British Gas
• “I now have a better awareness of portion sizes and food values on
processed foods. I feel I have more energy and have joined an exercise
class. My concentration is much better.”
Staff member, Derby City Hospital
• “Being part of the Cook Well, Work Well programme provided a great
opportunity for Derby Hospitals... for staff to get involved in an educational
programme that was both fun and interactive.”
Health Promotion Coordinator, Derby Hospitals
Information and
Case Study
“I didn’t realise I would be able to lose weight by
learning to cook. I’ve learnt new skills, more about
food and taking part has made life a lot better for
Simon Hunnybel, PepsiCo driver

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