presentation - The Stanway School

Stanway Federation Academy Trust
“Why consider joining the Trust and what it means for
the primary, infant and junior schools.”
12 December 2013
Stanway Federation Academy Trust
The Stanway and Thomas Lord Audley Schools
• Secondary academies that converted in March 2012.
• Ofsted: Stanway Good May 2013 TLA Satisfactory Jan 2012
• Attainment 5A*-C GCSE w/ English & Maths: Stanway 70-80%, TLA 50-60%
• Managing the phased closure of Alderman Blaxill
Member of North East Essex Education Partnership (NEEEP)
• Umbrella Trust of seven secondary academies spanning the NE of county
• Purpose to enable member academies improve and sustain performance and operate efficiently
• Individual autonomy but sign up to agreed partnership principles of governance and operation
Year 7 pupils come from 25+ different feeder primary schools
• Truly comprehensive intake with diverse range of pupil attainment at entry
• A number of feeders are now Ofsted Outstanding
Approved as a sponsor by DfE in Sept 2013
• Monkwick Junior School to join as sponsored academy April 2014
• Monwick Infant School to join as a partner academy April 2014 (Ofsted Good)
Trust vision
A family of local schools that offer children aged 3-16 an excellent education regardless
of starting point in life or where they live.
Between 10-12 academies: 2 secondary and balance primary, junior and infants
All schools to be judged by Ofsted Good and Outstanding in time
Quality of teaching and learning excellent in every school, phase, class and subject
Every child achieves appropriate national standards through every phase
A learning community of school governors, leaders, teachers and support staff
benefitting from coordinated professional development framework
Trust benefits for primary, infant and junior schools
Partnership working to support school improvement
• Support, challenge and ideas from fellow Headteachers
• Planning and delivering joint professional development
• Planning and delivering joint specialist and supply teaching
• Sharing of good practice and collective response to new DfE and Ofsted policy
Development of EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 partnership
• Working in partnership with other EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 teams
Governor support and training
Continuity of 3-16 pathway for local community
• Education
• Pastoral support
• Extended services
Capacity and capability to manage academy status efficiently
• Finance, Personnel, HR business management and FM
• Joint commissioning and procurement of services
Trust protection should Ofsted judge school Requires Improvement or Inadequate
Trust principles of governance and operation
Trust Board able to fulfil its statutory and regulatory responsibilities
• Educational
• Financial
• Operational
Clear delegated authority for each member academy
• Autonomy linked to Ofsted status
• Set out in Terms of Reference and Schemes of Delegation
Member academies sign up to Trust principles
• Governance
• Planning and operation
• Performance monitoring and reporting
• Financial management
No Executive Headteacher. Headteacher Group fulfil this role
No top slice for Trust membership. At cost charges for services provided by the Trust
Trust governance model
Trust Members
MAT Trust Board
Trust Finance
& Audit Cttee
Stanway & TLA
Primary #1
Primary #2
Primary #3
LGB C’ttees
LGB C’ttees
LGB C’ttees
LGB C’ttees
Trust governance & delegation
School judged Good or
School judged Requires
Improvement or Inadequate
Representation of
academy on Trust Board
Two directors, usually Chair and
Two directors, usually Chair and
Representation of Trust
on academy LGB
Two Governors appointed by Trust.
Powers to appoint in specific
Further powers in specific
Representation on
Headteacher Group
Every Headteacher is on the Headteacher Group
Representation on Trust
Finance C’ttee
Each Chair of Finance and Headteacher is on the Trust Finance C’ttee
Governance delegation
Set out in standard Terms of Reference for LGB.
Principle of full delegation
Financial delegation
Budget to be ratified by Trust Finance & Audit C’ttee and approved by
Trust Board
Full budget control except contract value >£50k or £176k.
Compliance with Trust Financial Management Requirements (TFMR).
Trust governance composition
Multi-Academy Trust Board
• Proportion of Stanway/TLA Directors as sponsor
• Two directors per academy usually Chair and Headteacher
• Composition will evolve as Trust grows
Local Governing Body
• Good/Outstanding schools can determine their composition
• Schools Requiring Improvement or Inadequate will agree the composition with Trust
• Must have two parent Governors on LGB
LGB committees
• Each LGB free to determine what committees they have and composition.
• Authority in line with LGB Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation
Trust Planning and Operation
Development Plans
Individual &
Primary #1
Monitoring &
Primary #2
Primary #3
Key needs
Support &
Primary #4
Primary #5
to Board & LGB
Review &
by HTG
Trust support for academy conversion
Trust provides full project management and legal support for the conversion process
• Project management
• Academy consultation
• Land Transfer
• Commercial Transfer Agreement
• TUPE transfer of employees to Trust
• Financial transition including new software
Team comprises
Project manager
Legal advisors
Trust Assistant Bursar
Reduces demand on Headteachers and Governors and simplifies the process
Typical timescale 4 months from application . September/April/Jan conversions
Trust receives the £25k conversion grant from DfE
Development of Trust services for schools
Financial services support for member academies
• All to comply with Trust Financial Management Requirements (TFMR)
• Trust has built additional capacity to provide support: 2 x Assistant Bursars
• Schools can choose the level of support they want
Self-supported: schools with capable finance staff who can manage all aspects of school finances and
work within TMFR
Supported: schools that have finance staff who can manage finance operations but welcome support
with budget preparation, monthly and annual accounts and tax
Managed: schools with little or no finance staff and would welcome full support from Trust finance team
Further packages of support will be developed to meet the needs of member academies
such as
Payroll and pensions administration
Personnel and HR
Site and facilities management
Business management
Trust Financial Management Requirements
Financial policy and handbook: detailing the Trust’s policy, process and handbook to comply with
statutory and regulatory requirements
Business cycle: detailing tasks and timetable for the Trust’s financial and regulatory reporting to
Companies House, DfE, EFA. This would also include those tasks and timetables for the Trust’s own
monitoring and oversight of financial matters such as academy budget approval
Scheme of Delegation: setting out the powers of individual Local Governing Bodies to agree
expenditure and make budget vires.
Financial software: all academies to use the Trust’s preferred software which will be procured by the
Chart of Accounts: all academies to use a common framework of ledger codes and cost centres
Procurement: all academies to adopt the Trust’s procurement policy including sharing of contract and
service agreements.
Tax management: all academies to adopt the Trust’s tax management policy for corporation tax, VAT
and PAYE
Banking: all academies would be asked to bank with the Trust’s bankers

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