Private Label Brands - Martenson

Group 6 Assignment
PPT Presentation by:
Matthew Sullivan
Generic brands target a price-sensitive segment by offering a nofrills product at a discount price
 Wal-Mart
has it’s own generic private
label brands for many of it’s products
They are often almost always cheaper than
national brands
One can find them at any Wall-Mart in the
U.S. and all over their stores
 Equate
This brand covers many medicines and
personal hygiene products
 Great
This brand covers a lot of food goods
I spent some time in Australia and found a generic brand in a store
called Cole’s, and thought it was interesting given the book’s use of the
phrase “no-frills.”
 Cole’s
in Australia
No-frills generic private label brand
Grape flavored soda was actually clear
Copycat brands imitate the manufacturer’s brand in
appearance and packaging, generally are perceived as
lower quality, and are offered at lower prices
 Safeway
has it’s own copycat brand for
some of it’s goods
Can be found at all Safeways inside and
outside the store
prime example is the soda at Safeway
which is obviously a copycat of Mt. Dew

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