A Google A Day # 02 Culture

A Google A Day
One of the most famous photos
of the 20th century was taken
at a memorial service for victims
of La Coubre.
On the original print,
what’s stamped
in the lower
left corner?
Things to think about as you get started
Generally it's a good idea to find out something
about the central idea.
You'll probably need to learn about what La Coubre
was all about in order to figure out what to do next.
How to find the answer
Searching [victims of La Coubre] yields
Guerrillero Heroico, the iconic photo
of Che Guevara taken at a memorial
service for La Coubre victims.
Image Searching [Guerrillero Heroico
original print] shows that the photo
was stamped with "Kodak Plus X Pan Film."
Background and further discussion
The freighter La Coubre exploded in mid-afternoon on 4 March 1960, while
it was being unloaded in Havana harbor, Cuba. The French ship was carrying
76 tons of Belgian munitions from Antwerp. Tragically, the death toll was
between 75 and 100 people with more than 200 people injured, although
estimates vary.
The explosion is sometimes attributed to the CIA who was purportedly working
to remove the new government of Fidel Castro.
At the time of the explosion, Che Guevara was in a meeting nearby.
After hearing the blast he drove to the scene and spent several
hours attending to the wounded.
Follow-up questions
Who is Che Guevara, and why is this image considered so iconic in the history
of Cuba?
Can you find out why Che Guevara was in Havana, and why he would rush
to the scene of a large explosion and begin helping out with first aid?

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