Operation Neptune Spear

Operation Neptune Spear
Bailey Byrum
Locating Bin Laden
• U.S. intelligence community effort to
determine the location of Bin Laden began
with a fragment of information unearthed in
2002,resulting in years of investigation,
followed by multiplatform surveillance on the
compound in 2010.
Bin Laden’s compound
• The CIA used surveillance photos to determine
the identities of the inhabitants.
• In September 2010 the CIA concluded that the
compound was built to hide someone.
• The 3 story compound was located .8 miles
from the PMA it had 12 to 18 ft. high concrete
walls topped with barbed wire, two gates, and
the third story had a 7ft. High privacy wall.
The Compound
• Two U.S. officials stated that the operation
was “a kill-or-capture mission, since the U.S.
does not kill unarmed people trying to
surrender", but that “it was clear from the
beginning that whoever was behind those
walls had no intention of surrendering.”
Execution of the Operation
• The raid was carried out by 24 heliborne SEALs from the Red
Squadron of DEVGRU
• For legal reasons the personnel were temporarily transferred to
the control of the CIA
• The SEALs operated in two teams and were equipped with H&K
416 Carbines and H&K MP7s with suppressors, night-night vision,
body armor and hand guns
• A dog was also involved in the raid
• The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment provided the air
power for the raid
• The first team was supposed to fast rope to the ground but
experienced problems and went down in the yard then the second
one landed outside the compound and proceeded into the
Bin Laden Killed
• The SEALs encountered the residents in the compounds guest house,
and in the main building.
• In addition to Bin Laden three men and a women were killed.
• The individuals were Bin Laden’s son Khalid, His courier (al-Kuwaiti),alKuwaitis brother Abar, and Abars wife Bushar.
• Al-Kuwaiti was killed when he fired upon SEALs in the guest house his
male relative was shot and killed with his wife on the first floor of the
main building
• Khalid was killed when he rushed SEALs on the stairs
• Bin Laden was encountered on the third floor of the main house
• Bin Laden peered over the ledge at the SEALs the returned to his room
as a SEAL fired at him.
• The SEALs rushed to his room where they found him in his room with a
head wound two SEALs then shot him in the chest with their rifles.
• If you would have been the head over the
operation when the first helicopter went
down would you have called off the raid or
carried it out?
• If you would have been the SEAL that saw Bin
Laden in the hall would you have fired at him
or pursue him then take him alive?

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