International Students of Turku Universities, ISTU

You’ve heard it before, but to us you are new friends!
What is ISTU?
• The International Students of Turku Universities (ISTU) is a registered nonprofit organization of international bachelor’s, and master's students, as well as
PhD candidates, researchers and staff from all universities in Turku (University
of Turku, Åbo Akademi, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Open
University, among others).
• ISTU also welcomes exchange students.
• And of course FINNS!!!
What Does ISTU Do?
Cultural Events
• Cultural Dinners (Finnish, Russian, Hungarian, Azerbajani, Mexican,
Vietnamese, Dutch, Slovak, and many more…)
• Coming soon: Finnish!!
• Photography Walks
• Museum crawl
• International Movie Nights
• Karaoke Nights
Trips and Sports
• We’ve done Tampere, Jyväskylä and Stockholm,
• We’re Planning the Baltic States, Rauma and others!
• Indoors and Outdoors we play:
Ice Hockey
Flow Park
Finnish Baseball
And many others
We Work With
• Your Student Union (TYY, Kåren, TUO)
• ESN Uni Turku, ESN Åbo Academic
• CIA TuKy
• UTU Debate Club
• International Welcome Services
• Also – AIESEC Finland and SHO
• ISTU is charged with representing you in the student union and in the
• Study related issues
• University policy issues
• Living in Finland
• Promoting Internationalisation
• Meeting with Finns
• International student community
How to Join?
• Just come along!
• Formal membership by paying membership fee
• Membership for 1 year = 5 euros
• Membership for 2 years = 7 euros
• Currently 111 active members
• Benefits?
• Discounts on events
• Special services for members: Bicycle rental
• Jonathan Josue Loaiza - ISTU President
• Matti Karinen – ISTU VP
• Yaroslav Lotus – Social Affairs
• Jasir Afridi – Political Affairs
• Kate Pak - Secretary
The Board
• Paulina Chávez – Treasurer
• Office: Rehtorinpellonkatu 4B, opposite TSE, near bar Proffan (same office as
ESN Uni Turku)
• Facebook group:
• Facebook page:

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